Leslie John Lantos

Specialist Four
Army of the United States
16 July 1942 - 03 April 1968
Ten Sleep, Wyoming
Panel 47E Line 052

Combat Infantry

Bronze Star, Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign
Leslie J Lantos

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23 Sep 2001

"Not for fame or reward, not for place or for rank,
but in simple obedience to duty,
as they understood it."
Confederate Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery

A memorial from a college roommate,
who wishes to remain anonymous.
E-Mail address not available.

A Note from The Virtual Wall

On 01 Apr 1968 D Company 2/35 Infantry was airlifted into an area near Hill 1062, northwest of the fire base at Polei Kleng, where enemy contact had previously been made. D/2/35 received mortar and sporadic small arms fire and was withdrawn to allow air and artillery strikes. On 03 Apr 1968 Companies C and D 2/35 were inserted with the intention of clearing the Hill 1062 ridgeline. However, D Company
"got to the same location and walked directly into a NVA ambush. I was in 2nd platoon, the point platoon that day, and within minutes after the first shot, we had 4 KIA and several WIA. Lost immediately were Gary Watson, Ted Sandidge, Leslie Lantos and Joe Quirion (all riflemen, not sure of their ranks). These were the first four men in the 1st squad. The first 3 men in the 2nd squad were wounded at the same time, these were Packer (? first name), Gerald Kelly and myself." - Romain Voeller, D/2/35th Inf
C Company also ran into trouble after they were inserted into a landing zone just northeast of Hill 1062:
"We moved along the ridge about 400 meters and started up 1062 as they approached the top the 1st Plt was ambushed by NVA who were well dug in and heavily bunkered, and by the end of the day we had 4 KIA and several WIA. We lost SSG David Carl Thomas, SGT Philip Lorne Konigsfeld, SP4 Edward Day, and SP4 William Joseph Frey." - Ben Youmans, C/2/35th Inf
Once again the troops were withdrawn to allow further air and artillery strikes. When they returned on 05 April, they again encountered stiff resistance along the top of the ridge and once again withdrew to allow air and artillery room to work. The next assault on the morning of 06 April was unopposed - the NVA had abandoned the hill top, which had contained a regimental hospital complex.

The men who were killed in action on 03 April were

  • C Company:
    • SSG David C. Thomas, Muncie, IN
    • SGT Philip L. Konigsfeld, Tucson, AZ
    • SP4 Edward Day, Flint, MI
    • SP4 William J. Frey, Monroeville, PA

  • D Company:
    • CPL Joseph G. Quirion, Skowhegan, ME
    • SP4 Leslie J. Lantos, Ten Sleep, WY
    • SP4 Theodore W. Sandidge, Pawnee, IL
    • SP4 Gary E. Watson, Midland, TX

Some records show SP4 Lantos with Alpha 2/35, but his service record shows he was transferred from Alpha to Delta 2/35 on 15 March 1968, two weeks before his death on 03 Apr 1968.

They are remembered by their brothers in the
35th Infantry

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