Brent Robin Law

Army of the United States
01 February 1950 - 21 July 1970
St Johns, Michigan
Panel 08W Line 038


Combat Medic

Purple Heart, Air Medal, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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25 Dec 2004

Brent was my friend, he lost his life much too early in the Vietnam.

Brent was a member of the Screaming Eagles 101st Airborne, 326 Medical Battalion's Air Ambulance Eagle Dust Off.

Brent was the only child of Robert and Lillian Law of St. Johns, Michigan.

Brent was a very good athlete in school, had lots of friends, and was a cool guy.

Brent was a member of the all-volunteer Air Ambulance Platoon, located in Camp Eagle near Hue.

Brent lost his life on July 21, 1970, near fire Base Ripcord, while being a flight medic, Brent was killed on his 5th flight mission of that day. (The book Ripcord: Screaming Eagles Under Siege by Keith W. Nolan details the last day of Brent's life.)

Mrs. Lillian Law would like to send her condolences out to the family of Spc. 4 James L. Wieler, who caught Brent's body and pulled him back into the Huey. James Wieler was also killed in Vietnam in March of 1971.

Brent will always be remembered for his courage, and devotion to his fellow soldiers!!!!!!!!

GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!

From a friend,
Stanley Helms

Notes from The Virtual Wall

Fire Support Base Ripcord (aka Hill 927) was located due west of Hue near the northern opening of the A Shau Valley and about five miles north of a major logistics complex for the North Vietnamese Army's 326B Division. Originally built in 1968 by the 1st Cavalry Division as FSB Carol, the base was abandoned. It was reopened by force in April 1970, renamed Ripcord, and used as a base of operations against the NVA complex hidden in the jungles and folds of Co Pung Mountain. The NVA reacted violently to the 101st Airborne Division's operations, eventually laying siege to FSB Ripcord. The resulting fights in late June and July of 1970 cost the NVA heavily, but the 101st paid a price too - 75 killed and 345 wounded in action before FSB Ripcord was again abandoned on 23 July 1970.

On 21 July, a medevac UH-1H (tail number 66-16822) came under heavy fire while attempting to land at Ripcord. One crewman, SP4 Brent Law, was killed by AK-47 fire, while the helicopter itself was brought down by a rocket-propelled grenade.

As noted above, SP4 James L. Wieler was killed when a mechanical failure caused UH-1H tail number 66-16394 to crash at Camp Evans on 07 March 1971.

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