James Douglas Law

Specialist Four
Army of the United States
20 November 1945 - 17 March 1967
Indianapolis, Indiana
Panel 16E Line 102

Combat Infantry

Bronze Star (Merit), Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign
James D Law

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30 Nov 2001

You are not forgotten.

We were like the "3 Musketeers" - you and Fred Chaplin and I. All 3 from Indiana and that formed our bond of friendship through basic at Ft. Knox, AIT at Ft. Leonard Wood, and then Ft. Riley where we headed for Oakland by train and finally boarded the Gen. Daniel I. Sultan for our amphibious landing on the shores of Vietnam. Little did we know only 2 of us would return. I remember how we teased you about the size of the box your parents sent with you on the plane from Indianapolis to Ft. Riley as we started our trip to Vietnam together. We said "It's as if they don't think you're ever coming back; all this stuff!" Did they know something we didn't? I also remember how you shared it with everyone on the ship! It's been 34 years now, and just recently I've started to visit the "traveling" versions of the Wall; Denver, Ft. Wayne, but haven't quite got the nerve to see Washington DC yet. Maybe someday. But yours is always the first name I look for, Jim, and then Sgt. Lantz , and Paul Hunter , and then Leon Schreffler's. It's almost like if I didn't see the names there on the Wall, maybe it could be a mistake, or something I've imagined, or a tall tale I've made up? If only that were so.

I found this picture as I was going through a box of old Army stuff and I decided I would try to come and put it here where others could see, and remember what a nice looking young guy you were when you gave your life for your country. I hope to hear from some of the other guys maybe, too? I went to a reunion (first one ever for me) of the 15th Combat Engineers in Ft. Mitchell, Ky, in June 2001. I did get to see Ken Pacyga there, and Tony LaRocca, and Henry (Mac) MacMahn. It was good to see them and you were on all of our minds. We could hardly talk about it with out tears. Fred Chaplin wasn't able to come, I would have loved to see him too.

Here is to you, my friend.
We will never forget you.

We served together - Jim was my friend.
Loyd W. Gerardot

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15th Combat Engineers

22 Sep 2002


I remember you as a three year old little boy, and I knew your parents well. I visited your mother and father right after my own son was killed in Vietnam.

They were still devastated by the loss of you, as I was about my son.

It's been many years ago but you are still remembered and thought of fondly.

Alice (White) Cooper

29 Nov 2002

I found this site by accident whilst researching my family tree, but feel proud to share my name with a man like yourself.

James Law, 26, UK

23 Oct 2003

I also found this site by mistake.

From the time we met in Public School 39 in Indianapolis, we became instant friends. All the time we spent together until we graduated from Tech in 1964, where we took most of the same classes.

In high school we rode to school in your old black car, you had your car first. I remember many of the fun times at the English Avenue Boys' Club, Harold's Steer Inn, football and basketball games - the list could go on and on. The trouble we were able to get into any time, and how none of it was really serious.

Most of all I will never forget your sense of humor. You knew more jokes than anyone and each one was very, very funny. You were always doing something unbelievably crazy. People wanted to be around you. I was one of the lucky ones that you choose to be your friend.

I will never forget the sadness that I felt when you passed away in Viet Nam. The tragic news couldn't be true, but it was.

You were my first close friend who was lost in that war and were taken much too soon.

GOD has blessed me with knowing you.

I will never forget you.

Thanks for being my friend.

Garry L. Clark
Indianapolis Indiana

A Note from The Virtual Wall

A Company, 15th Engineers, lost three men on 17 March 1967:

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
We served together - Jim was my friend,
Loyd W. Gerardot
30 Nov 2001

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