John F Lazarovich Jr

Lance Corporal, United States Marine Corps

Scituate, Massachusetts

July 14, 1948 to December 4, 1967

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John F Lazarovich is on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, panel 31E line 36.

I am writing to you about my best friend who died in Vietnam in December 1967. He was my best friend and will always be.

I have dreams about him. In the dreams he never lets me see all of him and he tells me we will be together again. I try and try to talk with him but he goes down the street where his family lives. He just tells me to wait.

John and I took the Air Force tests together in Quincy, Massachusetts. I got some good scores but Johnny only passed the General category.

Instead of us joining the Air Force together like we planned he joined the Marine Corps and was shipped out about the time I went to San Antonio for basic training in the Air Force.

The last time I saw Johnny alive was the Christmas of 1966. He had changed some from his basic training in the Marine Corps. He told my Mom that he wasn't coming back. He hadn't told me that.

He was killed in December.

I was on my way to meet with some Officers...about a plane I was working on and I stopped to pick up my mail. It was from my Dad. A simple Post card saying "Johnny LAZ KIA". I asked for emergency leave but couldn't get it.

Ever since that day in 1967, I have not felt "Right" about something. I don't know what it is but it "haunts" me. Just like Johnny in the dreams.

Ted Mccann,

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