Douglas Wayne Lee

United States Marine Corps
22 October 1946 - 26 March 1967
Winston-salem, North Carolina
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Silver Star

Purple Heart (2 awards), National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign
Douglas E Dickey

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05 Apr 2006

Doug received the Purple Heart twice - and the Silver Star for his bravery on the day of his death. Even through wounded he continued to care for others until a mortar round ended his life. He left behind a young wife and a daughter he had never seen, a mother and sisters who loved him dearly. Even today he is in our hearts and memories every day.

He was a fun loving, gentle man who loved life and always had a kind word for anyone. He loved practical jokes and playing basketball. He was the type who would play water duels with the neighborhood children and not care if he was drenched.

Doug was a true Marine.

Semper Fi

From his widow,
Sandra Lewis Lee Evans

08 Apr 2006

Lee Like Me

Years ago they fought and died.
For other's freedoms they cried.
They gave their lives, making others free.
One of those who died, was a Lee like me.
Why were they hated, for walking that line?
Why not celebrated as heroes at that time?
Why must man always play a power game?
Many races created by the same name...

I miss you, Doug, and think of you daily. I know it would please you to know your family is still in touch with Sandy (your widow) and Cindy (the daughter you never saw). My son, Tre, is the spitting image of you right down to the practical jokes. I wrote the above poem in remembrance of you.


From his sister,
Debbi Annette Lee Nance
2501 W. Clemmonsville Rd Lot 5, Winston-Salem, NC 27127

13 Apr 2006

Doug Lee is "my beloved son in whom I am well pleased". It won't be long til I'll be leaving here or til Jesus comes back and I'll see you again soon! I'll either die or fly.

From his mother,
Betty Doub
4325 Shadi Green Lane, Pfafftown, NC 27040

20 Apr 2006

Doug was two years older than me. At times brother, pulling my hair as a joke, at others acting father, being my protector and defender. We were always together as children. I remember him playing with solders in the sandbox. There's a big hole in my life and I try not to think about it for it still brings tears to my eyes. He did let me know in a dream that he is with our Lord and happy. Some day we will once again laugh and enjoy being together. I have a memorial for him on my web site at

From his sister,
Vicky Young

24 Jun 2006


A young life taken way too soon. Sometimes I think that you were the luckier one. Those you left behind mourn and miss you toady, almost 40 years after your death.

I wonder how different everyone's life might have been, had you made it home, as you so deeply desired. I am sure that you would have been a success at whatever you choose to participate in after your return. I also wonder what might have been different for your mother, your sisters and your bride and me.

The few who had the honor of knowing you say that I am just like you. I wish that we could have known each other, I am sure that we would have been quite the pranksters ... apparently, I get my sense of humor from you.

I will always love and miss you,
your very proud daughter,
Cindy M. Lee

A Note from The Virtual Wall

During the period 20 March - 01 April 1967 the 1st Bn, 4th Marines were conducting Operation Beacon Hill, a search-and-destroy operation in the Gia Linh District of Quang Tri Province. The area was well supplied with NVA troops who seemed inclined to fight rather than withdraw and the 1/4 Marines encountered stiff resistance from the outset. Charlie 2/4 was involved in two major engagements; in the first, on 24 March, they lost six men in a fight with a company-sized NVA unit while killing 38 NVA troops.

Charlie 1/4's second engagement was on 26 March, this time a 3+ hour fight against an entrenched enemy concealed in dense vegetation. The 1/4 Operations Log for 26 March contains three entries applicable to Charlie 1/4:

  • 1132 - Receiving sporadic sniper fire
  • 1245 - Engaged by snipers and a small NVA unit; killed 2 NVA
  • 1600 to 1930 - Received 82mm mortar, heavy automatic weapons, and small arms fire from concealed enemy positions and trench lines. Medevac helicopter downed by enemy fire [probably UH-34D tail number 145796]. Results 6 friendly KIA, 28 WIA. 9 NVA KIA confirmed, 13 probable, 1 POW.
Two of Charlie 1/4's wounded died later the same day, for a total loss of eight men:
  • Cpl Robert E. Bryson, Rochester, NY
  • Cpl Douglas W. Lee, Winston-Salem, NC (Silver Star)
  • LCpl Floyd M. Larrabee, Olathe, KS
  • LCpl James L. Verhelst, Kewanee, IL
  • Pfc Douglas E. Dickey, Rossburg, OH (Medal of Honor)
  • Pfc Edwardo L. Gutloff, New York, NY
  • Pfc Larry J. Larson, Carmel, CA
  • Pfc Victor H. Vanvactor, Louisville, KY

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