Lawrence Frank Lewellin

Lance Corporal
United States Marine Corps
11 November 1946 - 23 April 1967
Brook Park, Minnesota
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Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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22 Jan 2002

We are hoping somebody that knew my brother in his last moments finds us or we find them so we can talk to them.

A memorial from his sister,
Betty Johnson

05 Jun 2005

LARRY, We miss you so. Please watch over my grandchildren until I can get there. My time on earth is not over or complete. My job here is not done yet. The Lord has taken 2 of my grandchildren and I need for you to watch over them. Dad can help you. He loves all his children.


29 May 2006

I miss you so much. At times I needed to talk to someone, and that someone was you. I have gone through life with a lot of bottled-up emotions about your death. It is still so hard to accept. It's like you will be home soon. I have to remind myself that will not happen.

Missing you,

From his sister,
Betty Johnson
235 Main St South, Henriette, Mn 55036

Did You See Him?

I was too young to know him,
I was too young to understand.
Only now can I grasp the meaning,
Behind a solider fighting for his land.

He was gone before I was thought of,
Gone away before I was born.
But his memory lives with me,
His sacrifices and the medals he had worn.

I'm wondering if you knew him,
If perhaps, just maybe you were there.
Can you offer any memories,
That time seemed to tear?

I'm just wondering if perhaps,
Maybe you stood by his side.
Maybe, just maybe,
You were there the day he died.

My family remembers him,
Our Hero he will always be.
I'm simply searching for some memories,
To carry in the heart of me...
Author: Lacy M Johnson

My Uncle Larry was lost in 1967. I wasn't even born until 1978, but my family has passed his memory on from generation to generation. Me and a couple of my cousins and other family members are working on something special for our Grandma for her birthday in April. If anyone has any information or anything at all, it would be a pleasure to hear from you!!! Thank you!

In memory of Lawrence Frank Lewellin III,
from his loving family.

From his niece,
Lacy Johnson
Brook Park, MN 55007

05 March 2002

10 May 2002

I wrote a while back and asked anyone who may have known my Uncle Larry to contact us. Well, my grandma's birthday has passed and she loved the book that we created. I thank those of you who responded, whether you knew Larry or not, your thoughts and wishes were well received. I can't thank you all enough. My family loves the book and hopefully it will be something we can cherish for years to come. Without your help, I wouldn't have had half of the information I had.

I'm writing again now, because we have plans to add any information to the book as we get it, and this was passed on to me to type up and add to the book. I thought it would be a good idea to add it here and see if it jogs anyone's memory. It was written by my Uncle Larry and some members of his Platoon sometime during the Vietnam War. I'm just wondering if anyone remembers this??? It is the "Ballad of the Green Beret" but they changed the words to fit them... If any one knows this or remembers this, PLEASE email me at!!! Thank you!!!

Ballad of the U.S. Marines

We are the men, U.S. Marines,
Dirty, rough and fighting mean.
From the states we came this way,
Couldn't care less about the Green Beret.

We walk in the paddies both night and day,
Don't need chutes or a green beret.
Have no wings upon our chest
Fighting Marines, our country's best.

With steel pots upon our heads,
We fight like mad and eat hot lead.
Keep your caps and silver wings,
Take them home with all your things.

We patrol and kill V.C.
Fighting Cong to make men free.
One hundred men over run today,
We saved them all, the Green Berets.

I saw Marines who gave their lives,
So Green Beret could return to their wives.
If I die in this "far away land",
I hope it will be for a better man.

While they jump and sing their songs,
We search the fields and kill the Cong.
We're the men who fight each day,
Since 1775, it's been that way.

Back home a young wife waits,
Her brave Marine has met his fate.
He has died so others could live,
"For his land" that's what he'll give.

I know this song won't be a hit,
But we Marines don't give a shit.
And when it comes to glory and fame,
We'll kick your ass and take your name.

(By 1st PLT)

A note from The Virtual Wall
This parody of the Ballad of the Green Berets has
been attributed to Harry R Geibus, 5th Marines.

28 March 2002

I was born one day, one month and one year after my brother was killed in Vietnam. I have always lived with his memory and sometimes I have to remind myself that my memories are those from my brothers, sisters and parents. I would have loved to know my brother. I am sorry I didn't.

If you knew him, please let me know. I thrive on information from others regarding the brother that I love.

Tammy Haupt

21 Sep 2007

My name is Kelsey Haupt. I am a niece of Larry and I have been doing some research. For all of my family that I know checks up on this, here it goes.

For one his unit (in English) was Echo Company, Second Battalion, Fifth Marines, First Marine Division. I know the way they write it is unusual to normal people who have never been in the military before, so I just took all of my knowledge of the Army and figured it out.

If you do not already know, his medals were Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, and Vietnam Campaign.

He was an E3 Lance Corporal, which was one step above E2 private first class, and two steps above E1 private.

The area where he was found was Quang Tri, South Vietnam. There is not much about Quang Tri when he was there. Mostly just about other people dying there.

I will keep trying to find out more information, but I am not promising anything just yet. I am suprised that I even found that much.

I love all of you and wish you best of luck.


Kelsey Haupt

A Note from The Virtual Wall

The casualty file indicates Lance Corporal Lewellin died on 23 April 1967 of injuries received from an explosive device, but it doesn't give the date he was injured. However, the 2/5 Marines' Command Chronology for the month includes the following entry:

Although the Chronology doesn't give the Marine's name, the unit is correct - Echo Company, 2nd Bn, 5th Marines.

Four Marines died in Vietnam on 23 April, and the other three are fully accounted for - two from Echo 2/1, killed by gunshot near Que Son, and one from Alpha 1/26, killed by an accidental discharge 8 kilometers northeast of Dai Loc.

The inescapable conclusion is that LCpl Lewellin is the Marine referred to in the above entry - but it didn't happen in Quang Tri Province. The 2/5 Marines were at the An Hoa Combat Base, Quang Nam Province, and that's where LCpl Lewellin was killed by a boobytrap.

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