Joe Frank Liserio

Private First Class
United States Marine Corps
05 October 1945 - 04 April 1966
Houston, Texas
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Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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30 Apr 2004

I've gone longer without you than with you, but you will never be forgotten ... thoughts of you have spanned years and years, and lots of tears and tears.....

Life has gone on. Memories of you linger on. You started as a friend, but with time you became my soul mate and fiance. Family, friends and I cannot speak of you without smiling. Your smile, the twinkle in your eyes and the Corvair you loved so much! Your way of parting was saying, "Be Cool".

I saw some of your family at the funeral of one of our good friends, Daniel Torres. Your cousins Bertha and Johnny were there. Bertha told me that your Mom gave her all of your stuff. I thought of all the letters we would send back and forth while you were in the service. I loved writing to "My Little Marine".

Our song was "I Love How You Love Me". We started going together on May 16, 1965 at exactly 11:46 pm while driving past the Warwick Hotel in Houston, Texas. You leaned over (you and I in the front seat, Roy, Johnny and Daniel in the back) and asked me to be your girl. After that, whenever we would go to the dances, you would always ask the band singer to dedicate "My Girl" to me.

GOD only knows what our life would have been like. You would be turning "60" in October of next year. What kind of husband would you have been? Wonderful, I know. You would have been a loving "Dad" and by now a "spoiling grandfather". GOD has you now. I know through faith that you are in a better place!!!

Being an only child you didn't have to go to Viet Nam. Yet, you wanted to serve your country and you did. Frankie, I honor you today and every day for your loyalty to GOD and Country.

My husband, Rudy Rodriguez, is also a Viet Nam Vet. He knew you also in high school and also remembers you well. We all lived in the same neighborhood, within blocks of each other. Rudy has told me the story of when my parents, my younger brother and I went to Mexico for a couple of weeks. You, Rudy and some other friends all hung out one weekend with my brother Roy at our house. The day before we got back from vacation, you left a red rose on my bedroom dresser for me to find. You were such a "romantic".

The day I visit the Viet Nam Wall, I will leave you a "red rose".

Love, Linda

30 May 2006


It's been 40 years this April 4th that God took you home. When I think of you, I see your beautiful eyes and great smile.

Yesterday was Memorial Day. I honor you, my brothers, husband, nephews and friends who have proudly served God and Country....

Joe Frank Liserio ... aka ... My Little Marine!


12 Jun 2007

Another year has passed. It's been 41 years since you've been gone. First the anniversary of your passing is on April 4th, then Memorial Day comes a few weeks later.

You were an only child, but your desire to serve your country was so strong that you joined the service soon after graduation. Christmas of 1965 was the last time I saw you, then the telegram arrived stating that you had been killed on April 4, 1966.

Why are the memories so fresh in my mind? Maybe it's because I don't want to ever forget "My Little Marine".

With love, honor and respect to you, Frankie....

Love, Linda

From his former girlfriend and fiancee,
Linda Ramirez Rodriguez
06 May 2006

Sir, today I honor your ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom. You gave so much for our country. I appreciate it. Your family has grace and honor and love beyond what any family should know. Thank you for all that you did, all that you left behind and all that we are better for having had someone such as you.

From another soldier and USMC veteran,
J. Sheriden

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