Bernard James Lovett, Jr

First Lieutenant
Army of the United States
24 November 1944 - 16 October 1970
Springfield, Massachusetts
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Combat Infantry

Bronze Star, Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign
Bernard J Lovett

The database page for Bernard James Lovett, Jr

19 Nov 2001

After 31 years, our family still is searching for anyone who may have served with Bernie, or knew him. Our family never got any word on what actually happened to Bernie, and it is difficult to obtain total closure.

We would welcome contact with anyone who can provide us with information.

25 Nov 2004

Finally: Closure

After all these years, Bernie's family has the facts regarding his death.

For details, please visit the
Western Massachusetts Vietnam Veterans Memorial site

Thank you.

A memorial initiated by his sister,
Christine Lovett

A Note from The Virtual Wall

1LT Lovett was assigned to Mobile Advisory Team 107, a component of MACV's Advisory Team 43. On the morning of 16 Oct 1970, two ARVN Regional Force platoons and their American advisors were airlifted into a position along Highway 1 on the edge of the Iron Triangle. The two platoons separated, conducting parallel sweeps to the west while remaining within mutual support distance. In early afternoon both platoons halted for a break and to eat. Lovett's RF Company 636 platoon was located a short distance north of Highway 1, with the second RF platoon about a mile distant. While the RF soldiers ate a Viet Cong unit crept to within ambush range and opened fire with B-40 rounds and heavy small arms fire. 1LT Lovett was hit in the opening volley and died before a medevac could be called in.

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