Edgar Bowie Lueallen

Sergeant, United States Army

Jacksonville, Alabama

December 7, 1945 to April 16, 1966

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Edgar B Lueallen is on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, panel 06E line 117.

Those of us who had the opportunity to know you called you "Bowie." It was more fitting for you. Even though I never had the chance to know you as much as I wanted, I still remember your wonderful smile and that little dimple in your chin, and your sense of humor. I remember watching you and your side-kick, Horace, play football -- Go Golden Eagles!! I remember seeing you just a few nights before you shipped out, and you asked me to write you. Bowie, I said I would but I'm so sorry that I didn't get the chance to write to you. You left around Christmas, and the time passed. Just a few days after Becky reminded me to write you, we received that horrible news! You looked so handsome in your uniform, Bowie, and even though I hadn't met all of your family, they were all wonderful that day -- such a hard day for them but they stood tall and proud of their son, grandson, nephew, brother, cousin.

I'm married and have 3 children, ages 27, 26 and 11. I have a wonderful husband. He was in Viet Nam also -- two tours with the USAF. We have visited The Wall in Washington, D.C. You would be so pleased and proud of it. It's so incredibly awesome. I found your name and of course, your best bud's name, Horace, on the wall. It was a very emotional time; it brought back so many memories, as if it had all just happened the day before. My husband has had a difficult time dealing with his emotions since he came back, but after we went to The Wall, he's a lot better. He was able to be with all of you together in one place and talk to all of you, whether he knew you or not, you were comrades serving the same purpose, following the same orders. We live near Atlanta now, Bowie, after traveling around the east coast for about 20 years. I wish you and Horace were here so we could talk about some of the old times. Oh, by the way, our 'ole JHS isn't there anymore. They just built a new one and the old one is gone -- if the walls could only talk, right.

I don't know why I'm telling you all this because I know you're in a place of happiness, and peace and full of knowledge so you probably already know everything I'm telling you. But I just needed to write you, since I didn't get the chance to do it when I should have. Like that old saying, "don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today." Thank you for serving our country and for your ultimate sacrifice.

My husband and I and all the Viet Nam veterans will never allow the names of those on The Wall to be forgotten.

Your friend and fellow high school graduate of 1965, Ann Dorries Prosek,

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