Henry Thomas Luna

Private First Class
Army of the United States
16 July 1940 - 17 November 1965
Fresno, California
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Combat Infantry

Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Meritorious Service, Good Conduct, National Defense, Vietnam Service, RVN Military Merit, RVN Campaign medals
Henry T Luna

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30 Jun 2002

Dear Daddy,
You will always be my hero, I thank you and the many brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives for our country. Your loved ones were left behind but your memory will always beam brightly in our hearts; tears are still shed by your wife, children, sisters and brothers when your name is spoken and mom still remains a widow since 1965 when you paid the ultimate sacrifice for your comrades and country. This only reinforces to me that you are a very special person to have left such an imprint on our family to this day. I was only two years old when you were taken away from me, and I am a grown woman now with children of my own, nevertheless I still hold the heart of a little girl yearning to have experienced that special bond that only a father and daughter could understand. I miss you.Your memory will be passed on from generation to generation with great admiration and love.

I love you Daddy. Forever your little girl, Katherine.

The proud daughter of PFC Henry T. Luna.
Katherine Devine

12 Nov 2004

My father as an Honor Guard with the 1st Cavalry,
and the last photo taken of us before he left for Vietnam.

My husband, me, and my father's grandchildren.

A letter my 6 year old son Quentin wrote for his Grampa Luna and left at the Vietnam Memorial Moving wall in San Jacinto, California.

10 Dec 2002

Dear Henry,
I met your daughter, Katherine Devine, at the Ia Drang renunion in Nov 2002. I am happy to say that she grew up to be a fine and charming young lady that any father would be proud of. She misses you a lot. Even though she could not see you I know you were there looking after her. Say hello to my cousin, Gerald A Kosakowski, who is with you right now. We miss both of you. I am looking forward to meeting you when I get to Heaven.

Mitchell Swoboda

7 February 2004

Dear Katherine,

I have just found and read the memorial to your father, Henry Luna.

Henry and I often talked when we were enroute to Viet Nam on the ship the General Maurice Rose. I remember as we crossed the Pacific Ocean, Henry and I would often lean against the rail of the ship, watching the ocean go by. At night we played a little game. One of us would think of something, an orange, or the moon, or a shoe, anything, and the other would have to think of a song with that thing in it, real or faked, then sing it. We had a laughing good time many nights doing that, under the stars, and guys around us would laugh too. Henry was a very good natured guy and most importantly to me, a good friend. I am glad that he let me share some of his time here on earth with him.

My love and thoughts go out to you both.

Brian D Ripley
Ogden, Utah

24 Feb 2004

Dear Henry, I think you are my late cousin or so because you lived in California and that is where my family came from. My last name is also Luna and I've read "We Were Soldiers" about the Landing Zones with the helicopters and and stuff.

Sincerely from the great-grandkid of Antoino Luna,
Nicholas Luna
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Henry Thomas Luna
died in the fighting in the
Ia Drang Valley
November 1965.

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