Edmund Lambert MacNeil

Staff Sergeant
Army of the United States
16 November 1944 - 02 May 1971
Winthrop, Massachusetts
Panel 03W Line 022

Combat Medic

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign
Edmund L MacNeil

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26 Jan 2004

Ed MacNeil was a fine man and a dear friend. It took me 29 years to learn how he died -- and when I finally found out, I wished I hadn't been told. It was just horrible. Luckily, he died instantly so felt no pain and that's something at least.

Ed and I met while he was stationed at Ft. Sam Houston, San Antonio, TX. I was working at the Dental Clinic and Ed was one of our patients. We became friends and would enjoy lunch with each other whenever we could.

Ed was true to his beliefs and to his friends and family. Out of the ugliness of war, he found a reason to be in Vietnam and a purpose to the war. He felt what he was doing in 'Nam was important and that his contributiion to the war effort was vital. He was a very caring and sensitive man. He never got to experience the love of a wife and the laughter of children, the devotion of family and friends. He cheered on his friends in their accomplishments and never felt jealousy over what they had -- he was truly happy for them.

Ed didn't die in vain. He wouldn't want anyone to mourn his loss but he isn't forgotten by his family and friends. I think of him so often and miss seeing and talking with him. Ed or "Mac" or "Doc" as he was called by many, is missed deeply. May he rest in peace.

From a close friend,
Diana Starr Duer Cloutier

2 May 2005

We lost Mac 34 years ago today. He was a true friend and a dedicated soldier. He will remain forever in the thoughts, hearts and prayers of his brothers - The Builders of Bong Son.

From a friend,
Chuck Stewart

12 May 2005

For my handsome, funny, wonderful older Brother, 34 years cannot take away the pain of losing you or the wonderful memories of you. The love of your family and friends keeps you alive in our hearts and not a night goes by that I don't say goodnight to you in my prayers and I have constant reminders of you. You died doing something you loved, surrounded by soldiers that thought the world of you. You will always be my Hero no matter what a goofball you were with me!!! I love and miss you with all my heart and know I WILL see you again. Your baby sister, Ellen

From his sister,
Ellen MacNeil Campbell
294 Revere Street, Winthrop, Ma 02152

A Note from The Virtual Wall

Five men died in an explosion on 02 May 1971 - four from B Company, 84th Eng Bn, and a dog handler from HHC, 84th Eng Bn:
  • CPT Ralph B. Cordon, Idaho Falls, ID, B Company CO
  • SSG Edmund L. MacNeil, Winthrop, MA, medic
  • SP5 Ronald J. Larson, St Paul, MN
  • SP5 Christopher J. Neale, West Haven, CT
  • SP4 Jeffery C. Goodrich, Gratz, KY, dog handler
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