Adano Hernendez Madrid
First Lieutenant
Army of the United States
Los Angeles, California
February 20, 1946 to May 12, 1969
ADANO H MADRID is on the Wall at Panel W25, Line 76

Adano H Madrid
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"I found this card from 1LT. Adano Madrid's memorial service in an old book I got from an estate auction. I hope you can post it on his Virtual Wall memorial page." Chris also wrote "The book came from the estate of someone named Sennett but I don't have any idea how that person got the card."

-- Christopher Brame, 08/19/2012


From US Marine corps Daily Staff Journal Entries obtained from Texas Tech University Virtual Vietnam Archive: The 707th Regional Forces (RF) Company in position 4 kilometers northeast of An Hoa (South Vietnam), received a ground attack from an unknown size enemy force resulting in 1 US Advisor Killed In Action (KIA), 8 RF KIA, 7 US Wounded In Action (WIA), 12 RF WIA, and 1 CIDE (This may refer to a CIDG which is Civilian Irregular Defense Group person) WIA; Enemy losses were 18 killed in action.

Civilian Assistance Program (CAP) Team 2-9-1, also located 4 kilometers northeast of An Hoa Grid Coordinates 48P: AT 888 467, received small arms and 60 mm Mortar fire while an RF Unit (707th RF Company) was under attack. The CAP unit supported the Regional Forces Company during the night until enemy broke contact at approximately 0515 hours. The CAP unit was credited with 19 enemy KIA and 5 individual weapons captured (IWC). There were 3 US Marines Wounded in action (1 was evacuated).

-- The Virtual Wall

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