Philip Newman Malone

Private First Class
United States Marine Corps
05 February 1950 - 06 March 1969
Alexandria, Virginia
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Philip N Malone
Photo courtesy of Ron Williams

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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27 Oct 2001

I served with Phil Malone in Vietnam. I shipped back home before he was killed and it really shocked me several years later when I heard from one of the other guys in our unit that Phil had been killed.

I didn't know him real well but Phil and I talked about cars. He was hoping to buy a Corvette or a Mustang when he got back home.

Some time ago I was listening to a country music station in my car when they played a song "Riding with Private Malone". The song is about a soldier who died in Vietnam and his mother sold his Corvette to the guy singing the song. A note in the glove compartment said he would be riding with the person who bought the car. The story ends with the singer being rescued from a crash by a soldier who disappears from the scene of the accident.

That song breaks me up and always makes me think of Phil, although the song is about a guy who already owned a Corvette.

I remember him every time I listen to country music.

A memorial from his friend,
Ron Pedersen

24 November 2001

Phil Malone was my younger brother. While we were growing up Phil and I always shared a room together. I was closer to Phil than I was to anyone else in our family. Phil was a very loving person with a wonderful heart and a ready smile for everyone.

Phil always wanted to be a soldier. He constantly played at "army men", staging battles all over the room. He was a specialist at sound effects, to listen you'd think there were 4-5 kids staging the battles. My 9 year old son is much the same way. This makes me happy and sad, proud and afraid.

Phil learned "patriotism" mostly from our Mother. Soldiers and Sailors always occupied a special place in her heart. She was crushed by Phil's death. Life changed for her then, she died well before her time from a broken heart.

Phil followed our older brother Paul to Vietnam by 2 years. Paul returned from his tour as a Combat Marine bearing no visible scars. He spent the next 28 years dying from the invisible ones. He and Phil are buried in the same grave, together, at Arlington Cemetery.

Phil and Paul, in my mind, both gave their lives for their country. This Memorial is for both of my brothers. I haven't yet come to terms with either loss. I'm sure I never will.

From his brother,
Mick Malone

29 Sep 2005

Phil and I were friends since we were little. Since he was two years older than me, he would fill me in on how to date. Great advice like "If you ever forget a girl's name when you introduce her, just ask "How do you spell that again??".

Our mothers were close and we used to joke that they wanted us to end up together. He was my first love and I still miss him so much. Our birthdays are 2 days apart, and every February as the 5th rolls around he is in my heart. He was gone way too soon.

From a friend,
Debby Fleming Last
Charlotte Hall, Md

A Note from The Virtual Wall

Philip Malone is buried in Arlington National Cemetery next to a boyhood friend, Keith Allen Campbell. The following information was provided by Judy Campbell:
"Buried next to Keith is Philip Newman Malone (Phil and I use to date). Phil was killed in Vietnam. I have lost track of his Mom and often wonder about her."

From a contemporary press report, supplied By Judy Campbell, February 2000:

"Marine Private First Class Philip Newman Malone, 19, an Arlington resident for about 12 years, was killed in Action on March 6, 1969 while on a night patrol near An Hoa in Quang Nam Province, Vietnam.

A native of Albany, New York, he attended Swanson Junior High School and was a senior at Washington-Lee High School in Arlington when he enlisted in the Marine Corps in December 1967.

Private Malone was a combat communicator with the 5th Regiment, 1st Marine Division.

He leaves his parents, Mrs. Jean N. Malone of Arlington, and Eugene J. Malone of Bancock, Thailand; two brothers, Paul and Michael; and his grandparents, Mrs. Gertrude Newman and Eugene J. Malone both of Albany.

Friends may call from 3 to 8 p.m. tomorrow at the Robert J. Murphy Funeral Home in Arlington. Services will he at 8:45 a.m. Wednesday at the Fort Myer Chapel, with burial in Arlington National Cemetery."

PFC Philip Malone is remembered by his friends
Judy Campbell and Ron Williams
on the
Arlington Cemetary site.

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