Paul David Mannerow

Lance Corporal
United States Marine Corps
10 August 1949 - 10 May 1969
Harper Woods, Michigan
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Paul D. Mannerow

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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5 Aug 2003

Paul was my big brother. I miss him dearly. I was eleven years old when he was killed. He is forever in our hearts. I often wonder what my life would have been like with him here to share it. I wish my children and my husband had the opportunity to know him.

I love you,
your baby sister Carol.

Carol A. Michalak
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09 Sep 2003

Paul Mannerow's mother sent me his picture, his Mass Card and the newspaper article ... I personally love the Mass Card and would love to see it and his picture on his memorial.

Pat Barilow
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03 Dec 2003

I was in Bravo with Paul. I remember him as a great guy. In April when we were at Mai Loc I remember him talking about wanting to transfer to a CAP unit. We talked him out of it. I've often wondered that if he had gotten the transfer, would it have saved his life?

Paul, rest in peace, my brother. Semper Fi, Marine!

From a platoonmate,
former Cpl Woody Postle
Bravo 1st Bn 9th Marines
52 Connie Lane, Dover DE 19901

31 Dec 2003

Mannerow was a wonderful friend in low places, pure hearted, kind, determined, and very brave.

I was a grunt in Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 9th Marines, 3rd Marine Division out in the battle zone when Mannerow, fresh out of training, joined us. We were the same rank then, PFC. We shared the same fox holes numerous times. He was the most pure hearted Marine I've ever known. He was glad to be there, not that he was having fun, it wasn't fun. He just seemed to know deep in his heart that was where he was supposed to be. I saw him mature from a scared rookie rifleman (as we all were in the beginning) just out of training into a very brave combat veteran who overcame the fear of death.

I was there the day he gave his life. It was one of the most sad and grievous days of my life.

I'm so fortunate to have known him, especially on the battlefield. Few days have passed since May 10,1969 that I haven't thought about Mannerow. I miss him dearly and want to see him again.

GOD bless Paul David Mannerow forever.

From a war buddy,
Frank M. Van Nouhuys
346 Kings Court, Marietta, Georgia 30060

25 Jul 2004

I will always remember the days when Paul would come to our home. He was only around 5 or 6 at that time, I'll always remember the black curly hair. He would come to Milton, Ontario, Canada, to visit us every other year. Then as time went by I found out he was joining the Marines. I felt so proud of him, but I was so scared that he would be hurt. I'm still so proud of him and I'll love him forever.

I want to thank from the bottom of my heart the guys that were with him and brought him home.

From Paul's cousin,
John Soullier

20 Apr 2008


Along with your brother, Paul, the Marine Corps lost another in that fiery crash - Pfc Daniel J. Giordano III, who died of wounds on 18 May 1969. Danny was a childhood friend of mine from New Jersey. Danny was in the same platoon as your brother.

From a friend,
Dennis Burns
Middletown, De

Notes from The Virtual Wall

Six men died and eight others were injured when a CH-46 helicopter (HMM-262, CH-46 BuNo 152560) was shot down in a hot landing zone on 10 May 1969. The dead included two crewmen and four Marines from Bravo 1/9 Marines:
  • Cpl Peter Gibson, gunner, H&MS-39
  • Cpl Kennith Wayne Wheeler, crew chief, HMM-262
  • LCpl Virgil Lee Larkins, B/1/9
  • LCpl Paul David Mannerow, B/1/9
  • PFC Gerald Gene Broussard, B/1/9
  • PFC Roy James Mrosewske, B/1/9
The HMM-262 Command Chronology contains the following information:
"HMM-262 launched an 8 A/C (aircraft) assault lifting troops of First Battalion Ninth Marines, into Landing Zone Erskine located at YD-162106 (UTM grid coordinates). Small-arms fire was received by one of the A/C while in the zone during the first wave, yet no hits were taken. On the second wave, 93-8 (aircraft mission number) while approaching the zone had a power loss, fell short of the zone, crashed and burned. The pilot, copilot, and one gunner, Major Whitfield, 1/Lt P. J. Traube, and L/Cpl J. W. Stewart, received minor injuries. However the crew chief and second gunner, Cpl K. W. Wheeler and Cpl P. Gibson (H&MS-39) received fatal injuries ... "
On Mr. Woody Postle states that one of the Marines injured in the crash, Pfc Daniel J. Giordano of Hi-Nella, New Jersey, died from his injuries on 18 May after being evacuated to Japan.

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