Terry Lee Manz
First Lieutenant
Army of the United States
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
January 23, 1942 to January 28, 1967
TERRY L MANZ is on the Wall at Panel 14E, Line 91

Terry L Manz
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Photo for Terry Lee Manz submitted by Robert Sage.

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A search for information about Terry's life reveals that he graduated from Nicolet High School in Glendale Wisconsin; a school that served Glendale, Fox Point, Bayside, and River Hills. Terry attended the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. He was a Cadet in the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program at the school and a member of the Scabbard and Blade Society and Pershing Rifles (Rifle Club and Color Guard).

Terry Manz is in very middle of back row.


Terry married Elaine Margaret Schwandner on August 31, 1964. Elaine was the daughter of the late Geraldine C. (Nee Peters) (December 2009) and late Harvey W. Schwandner (June 1988), the Editor of the Milwaukee Sentinel newspaper from 1962 to 1975. They had been married 56 years and Elaine's mother was 101 years old. Elaine, as many wives did when their husbands went to Vietnam, was residing at her parent's residence on Tennyson drive in nearby Bayside Wisconsin at the time of Terry's death in Vietnam.

After a short "eastern" honeymoon, Elaine and Terry lived off campus on Humboldt Avenue in Milwaukee while still in school as Seniors at UWM. Terry was commissioned a Second Lieutenant upon his graduation in 1965. He was a Psychology Major and graduated from ROTC as a Distinguished Military Graduate (DMG). He was ordered to active duty in November 1965. Based on his Army official photo at the top of this page, Terry completed his stateside military schooling to include paratrooper (badge above wings) qualification at Fort Benning and then Aviator Training (Wings). Upon completion of that training he was sent to Vietnam for his tour of duty on November 20, 1966.

The photo below must have been taken during his paratrooper training and he was entitled to wear the Paratrooper badge but his Military Occupational Specialty code was not changed to reflect it in the Coffelt database (The Virtual Wall uses it as our database of record), so the paratrooper badge is not shown below his medals at the top of the page.



Terry was assigned to the 128th Assault Helicopter Company "Tomahawks" after his arrival, in-processing, and orientation in country. Read about the 128th AHC and the helicopters and missions they flew in Vietnam. Below is a photo of a 101st Airborne Division UH-1D Iroquois (See the "Screaming Eagle" on the nose), a similar type aircraft flown by Terry. Terry flew the Huey model 1D, but it may have been outfitted with different weaponry, depending on his mission. The one below is a troop carrier, used to move troops from one area of operation to another using "Combat Assaults".


Terry was killed in action on January 28, 1967 when performing the duty of Aircraft Commander in his UH-1D "Huey" (Tail #63-12994). 1LT Manz called for landing instructions when approaching the Xuan Loc Airfield.

While still in level flight, the aircraft was seen to pitch nose up and start a vertical descent turning counter clockwise. The aircraft disappeared from view and exploded on impact.

Further Investigation revealed Aircraft was hit by Army of the Republic of Vietnam (South VietNam) artillery also near Xuan Loc causing main rotor to separate. The crew chief jumped out on the way down. Originally declared as missing, investigation showed all crew members were killed and they were declared dead 2 days later on January 30, 1967. Lt Manz was a declared Non-Hostile death, missing (NDM) on the 30th. A later Western Union telegram told Mrs. Manz that Terry had been recovered and died of burns received in the 'incident' and his body was positiviely identified. The men of the crew were:

The papers back in Wisconsin reported the news of his death around the 29th and 30th of January in a manner similar to:

"Pilot From State Killed in Action" was one title. "Milwaukee (AP) - Lt Terry L. Manz, 25, son in-law of Harvey W. Schwandner, editor of the Milwaukee Sentinel, has been killed in action in Vietnam, the Defense Department said Tuesday."

"Manz, a former Milwaukeean, was a helicopter pilot with the First Infantry Division stationed about 40 miles north of Saigon." "Officials said Manz died when his helicopter crashed Saturday from unknown causes."

His funeral was held Monday, February 13, 1967 from the Becker Funeral Home in Milwaukee. In addition to Elaine, he was survived by his parents, Mrs. and Mr. William Manz of Racine, and two brothers, Dennis of Milwaukee, and Douglas, Racine.

On May 17, Lt Manz made the area news again when it was announced in several papers that plans were being made for Posthumous Honors to be given during the chancelor's annual review of the Army Reserve Officer Training Corps program at UMV. The annual ROTC event included a performance by the 5th Army Band, the presentation of military science awards, and an exhibition of the BlackJacks, the UWM Drill Team.

Two days later, on Thursday, May 19, the widow of 1LT Terry Manz accepted the posthumous awards of the Distinguished Flying Cross, Bronze Star, and Air Medal that were given in his honor. The ceremonies included presentation of 15 military science awards to ROTC Cadets and was held at Pearse Field. (The Virtual Wall has not been able to obtain orders or citations showing the award of the medals so we can update our database of record, Coffelt database, so the DFC and Bronze Star are not shown in his medals at the top of this page.)

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