Charles Weldon Marik

Lieutenant Commander
United States Navy
14 April 1939 - 16 May 1973
Oakland, Missouri
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A-6 Intruder

Charles W. Marik

Naval Flight Officer

Purple Heart, Air Medal, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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17 Sep 2003


by a fellow Intruder aircrewman,
Michael J Munson
30 Jun 2004

I have been keeping Mr. Marik's MIA bracelet for many years.
It's an honor to finally read about the hero I have known so long --
yet I really didn't know him until now.

Three years after he was shot down, I was stationed on the USS RANGER, the ship from which would-be rescuers were based.

If anyone is in touch with his parents or relatives, please tell them I think about him often.

Bill in St. Petersburg FL
(now a kindergarten teacher)
E-mail address is not available.

31 Dec 2004

I echo Bill in St. Petersburg's thoughts. I have LCDR Marik's MIA bracelet, and have since 2000. It is especially poignant each June 25th. It is my way to pay tribute to this man, who laid his life down for freedom 10 years before I was born.

"Greater love hath no man than this,
that a man lay down his life for his friends."
- John 15:13 -

Matt Lyons
Springfield, Missouri

21 Apr 2005

I, too, have kept my bracelet honoring LCDR Charles W. Marik. It was a way to honor him.

As any parent who has lost a child knows, one of your greatest fears is that everyone will forget your child ... who he was and what he stood for - that his name will be silent.

I will continue to treasure my bracelet and will not forget ... I will say his name out loud.

He, and thousands of others, should never be forgotten!

Mary Ann Baker
E-mail address is not available.

26 Apr 2005

The U.S. Naval Academy Class of 1963 honors Charles Marik and the other twelve fallen classmates on the Wall at its website . Please visit "Last Call".

Charles and I were both from the St. Louis area and were close friends while at USNA. He was a quality human being.

From a friend and classmate at USNA,
Stephen Coester
USNA63 Webmaster

26 May 2005

Hi. I first found out about LCDR Marik when doing a project for my sophomore history class. My parents both served in the Navy, my father staying in for 22 years. My sister is currently in NROTC, which I hope to do in a few years. I've found a lot of information on LCDR Marik, and I can only find that I have the utmost admiration for this man. He gave his life for his country, did his duty, as have many others. To the family of LCDR Marik, you have a lot to be proud of. I know I am, and I have never been graced with the opportunity to meet him. I guess I just wanted to say "Thanks".


21 Jul 2005

I just found this memorial and I think it is great.

I never got to meet my Uncle Chuck but my dad has told me a great deal about him.

We have visited the memorial Wall a couple times and I have always wanted to know more.

I am in the Army and am honored to have an uncle like Chuck.

I thank everyone involved with this site from the bottom of my heart for not letting my uncle be forgotten.

From his nephew,
Adam J. Marik

A Note from The Virtual Wall

On 15 June 25 1966 Lieutenant Commander Richard M. Weber, pilot, and Lieutenant (junior grade) Charles W. Marik, bombardier-navigator, launched in A-6A BuNo 151816 on a strike mission targeted against the Hoi Thuong Army Barracks on the coast near Vinh. Their aircraft was hit by AAA fire, but Weber was able to climb to about 12,000 feet and get over water before the A-6 became uncontrollable due to hydraulic system failures. The two ejected at that point and were able to communicate via emergency radios during their parachute descent.

After water entry the two came under mortar fire from the beach. Search and rescue efforts were initiated immediately. One of the SAR aircraft (A-4C 149567, VA-146, USS Ranger) was shot down, but two of the three crewmen - Weber and the A-4 pilot, LT F. H. Magee - were picked up by Navy helicopters. No trace of Marik was found, and it was suspected that he had been hit and killed by enemy fire.

In the absence of positive proof of death, Charles Marik was carried as Missing in Action until the Secretary of the Navy approved a Presumptive Finding of Death on 16 May 1973. His remains have not been repatriated.

Marik was graduated from the United States Naval Academy with the Class of 1963. The photo above is from his USNA midshipman days.

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