Donnie Joe Marlar

Army of the United States
30 August 1947 - 12 February 1968
Burnsville, Mississippi
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Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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7 Apr 2002

Growing up, Donnie Joe Marlar was my best friend and we went absolutely everywhere together. Donnie was killed in Vietnam at the age of 20, just five days before the birth of my son. I can't help but think that when my wife and I had our son, Donnie was there with us.

As the years have passed I've watched my classmates and friends grow older and reaching middle age, I think back to Donnie. He will forever be that freckled-faced young man I grew to love like a brother. I still think of him often and miss him. I am a better man today for knowing him then.

Donnie, take care of yourself and keep watching over us.

A memorial from a friend,
Robert Aday

12 Feb 2004

It was the greatest honor for me and the men of CRIP to know you and to serve with you. You and the 9 other men will live in our hearts forever and you will never be forgotten. We love you and we miss you. Thank you for being our brother. We will always remember the "MIGHTY 10".

Wolfhounds Forever!

From your Platoon Brothers.

8 Feb 2005

The courage, strength, valor, and love for your fellow soldiers displayed by you on the battle field that day that our Lord called you to your heavenly home will be embedded in our hearts eternally. Our memories of you will always be in our minds and hearts each and and every day. You are truely loved and missed.

Your "CRIP" Brothers

From a CRIP Platoon Brother,
Len Brooks

01 Feb 2007

Donnie, it has been 39 years since that horrible day on the battlefield when you gallantly fought by our sides and paid the ultimate price of giving your life which allowed many of your fellow platoon members to survive. Your courage will be remembered by us for the rest of our days. We all have the greatest of love, respect, and admiration for you and the other men of The Mighty 10. You are a shining light each of our hearts every day. We salute you, miss you, and never will forget you.

Wolfhounds Forever!!! Your Brothers Of CRIP

From a friend,
Leonard Brooks

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9 Sep 2004

Donnie was killed when I was only 7 years old. Donnie was my father's youngest brother. I will never forget that morning when we got the call, it was the first time I remember my father crying. My God bless all the men of the Wolfhounds who served with Donnie. Thank you all for your service.

From his nephew.
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The ten men from the Recon and Intelligence Platoon, 2nd Bn, 27th Infantry, who died in action on 12 Feb 1968 were

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