James Conrad Marshall

United States Marine Corps
29 July 1946 - 31 January 1968
Monroeville, Alabama
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Bronze Star, Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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18 Feb 2001

United States Embassy Saigon


From a fellow Vietnam vet,
Steven E. Melhorn
York, Pennsylvania
17 Jun 2004

To my cousin. You will always be remembered.
I also served later in the war.
Thank you for your service.

From a cousin,
William B. Page
113 Montgomery, Lafayette, La. 70506

21 Nov 2005

I came to see you the morning of November 11, 2005. I was in D.C. for the Marine Corps and my Dad asked me to look you guys up for him. My Dad was there the day you died. He has never forgotten you guys, one day I'll bring him to see you also.

From a fellow Marine,
George H. Fleming II
E-mail address is not available.

19 Jun 2006

Rest in Peace, my friend
I will always remember, the good times,
The day we lost you,
And the day I was able to vist you at the wall.
Semper Fi

From a fellow Marine guard, US Embassy Saigon,
Earl Rose
E-mail address is not available.

19 Mar 2007

On March 17th, 2007, I stayed part of the day at the Vietnam War Memorial, to honor you and others. It was the day that people came to the Mall with plans to protest our troops in Iraq. A number of us who served and survived Vietnam, vowed not to allow future generations to disrepect the fallen of that War. You did not live to see how returning Vietnam Veterans were greeted and treated by an ungrateful nation.

There were rumors that among the protesters, some might attempt to damage Our Wall; so many of the Veteran Veterans came to watch over this memorial. It also provided a number of us the opportunity to again reflect on those who gave their lives, so young and willing to guard our country's heritage. I again saw your name on the Wall and well remember you from the MSG detachment in Saigon and that night that you gave your life. I was on the other side of the Embassy throughout that night.

May God bless and grant you Peace.

Tim Inemer
MSG, Saigon
E-mail address is not available.

A Note from The Virtual Wall

The Tet Offensive began on 31 Jan 1968. In Saigon, some 4,000 Viet Cong troops attacked a number of US and RVN installations, including the American Embassy. The 716th MP Bn history on the Fort Campbell web site contains the following information:
"The most famous action during the TET offensive occurred at the U.S. Embassy where SPC Charles Daniel and PFC William Sebast of the 527th Military Police Company were augmenting the Marine security detail. At 0247 hours, Viet Cong sappers blew a hole in the embassy compound´┐Żs perimeter wall and attacked through the breach. SPC Daniel and PFC Sebast radioed for help and engaged the attacking Viet Cong. They were able to kill the first two attacking sappers before being shot down. Two MPs who responded to the calls for help, SGT Jonnie Thomas and SPC Owen Mebust, were ambushed and killed as they approached the embassy compound."
Five US servicemen were killed in the action at the Embassy, the four Army MPs and one Marine security guard:
  • SGT Johnie B. Thomas, Detroit, MI
  • SP4 Charles L. Daniel, Nelson, VA
  • Corporal James C. Marshall, USMC, Monroeville, Alabama
  • SP4 Owen E. Mebust, Manhattan Beach, CA (Bronze Star "V")
  • CPL William M. Sebast, Albany, NY
At least 24 other American servicemen were killed in actions in Saigon during the initial TET attacks.

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With all respect
Jim Schueckler, former CW2, US Army
Ken Davis, Commander, United States Navy (Ret)
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