Robert Susumu Masuda

Staff Sergeant
Army of the United States
19 October 1947 - 16 March 1976
San Jose, California
Panel 25W Line 106

Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign
Robert Masuda
Photo courtesy of Tom Rose

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14 Feb 2001

My Dear Friend Bob -

Today's date is February 13, 2001, and I have just had it confirmed that the rumour we heard years ago that you were Missing In Action in Viet Nam is true.

Well, old friend, I have never forgotten you and your memory will always stay alive in all of our memories, the grads of Camden High, San Jose, California. I will always remember 7th grade and being honored to wear your letter sweater. You were my friend and I miss you.

Barbara Driskell

Dear Bob,

Today's date, May 29, 2006, Memorial Day. I haven't forgotten you. You are still in thoughts and prayers. A few weeks ago, my brother Jeff and I were reminiscing about our days at Ida Price Junior High and Camden High. You and Jeff played Pony League Baseball together in Junior High and then football in high school.

It is particulary difficult on Jeff, who as a Vietnam veteran finds it hard to accept that you never came home to your friends and family in Cambrian Park.

You paid the ultimate price, Bob, you gave your life for the future generations of the United States of America. Wherever you are, dear friend, you are loved and not forgotten.

Barbara Driskell Rogers

27 May 2007

Today's date, May 27, 2007. Another year has passed, my dear friend, and both Jeff and I keep you close to our hearts and in our memories. We remember you not only on this solemn holiday, but throughout the year, Bob. As long as I am here on earth, I will post a message to you each Memorial Day. God Bless you and all the brave men and women who have given their lives for our country.

From a childhood friend,
Barbara Rogers

27 June 2002

This is a high school yearbook photo of Staff Sergeant Robert Susumu Masuda.
I am a graduate of the same high school, though not of his graduation class.

Tom Rose

29 Apr 2003

Visiting the Moving Wall Memorial here in San Jacinto, Ca, today (4/28/03) brings back many memories.

Bob was a nice young man who I had the privilege to know and graduate with. We stood and walked the graduation walk together.

I know his family must always wonder about him as many others do.
We appreciate more than you know your sacrifice, Bob.
God Bless You and yours.

Betty Barnes

2 Jul 2004

My name is Leo Flores and I served with Masuda. We went through basic and AIT together. We shipped out of Oakland and ended up in the same unit and squad. I've always considered him to be my buddy. He protected me and I protected him. He was the machine gunner. We depended on his fire power and he never let us down.

We went to search a village and since he was the machine gunner he was told to set up a perimeter and to watch the trail coming into the village. His set up was a distance from village. When we were ready to move out he wasn't there.

We cancelled the operation just to look for him. The only thing we found of Masuda and his assistant gunner was empty "C" ration cans and cigarette butts. The men had vanished.

To this day I'm still looking for him in my mind. I have stuff I would like to share with his family.

Written at the Hollister, California, "Moving Wall Event", 4th July weekend 2004.

From a comrade-in-arms and friend,
Leo Flores
1340 El Toro Dr, Hollister, Ca
E-mail address is not available.

13 May 2005

SGT Masuda,

Today is 36 years since you went missing. May God bless you and your family and loved ones.

I recently received your bracelet and I wear it with honor and pride. I will keep it on, hoping and praying that somehow, someway, you will return to the United States again.

I never met you, and in fact, I was two years old May 13, 1969. That won't stop me from forever praying for your return and those who went missing or were captured with you.

I pray for all the POW/MIA's and their families to never give up.

May God bless you all - A fellow Californian and very concerned citizen.


22 Feb 2007

Bobby, I think of you often and some of the fun we had in choir together. I hear from your brother Ron occasionally. Next month I will be in Washington, DC for the first time ever and a friend of mine will take me to see you. Take care, my friend, and rest in peace, we remember you and your family and all you gave for us.

From a former classmate and friend,
Mary-Anne (Lampreda) Ward
Class of '65

A Note from The Virtual Wall

The assistant gunner was PFC David L. Munoz. Their bodies were never recovered.

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