Bruce Joseph Matta
Army of the United States
Canton, Massachusetts
March 22, 1948 to May 13, 1969
BRUCE J MATTA is on the Wall at Panel W25, Line 106

Bruce J Matta
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10 Nov 2005

Bruce, just a note to let you know that you will never be forgotten.

Our town, Canton, Massachusetts, is second to none when it comes to honoring and remembering our fallen heros. They have erected a granite Vietnam Memorial with your name forever etched into it along with 3 other fighting men whom died in Nam. Every Memorial Day the town parade ends up at the memorial and kind words are spoken, followed by a rifle salute and double "Taps" played on bugles. It's so very moving.

The town has also named the roadway intersection by your home in Cedarcrest in your honor. I was there for the dedication.

The Vietnam Traveling Wall was brought to town in September 2005. All the names on the Wall were read aloud. It took an entire week to read all the names. The opening and closing ceremonies were well attended.

You'll never be forgotten in this town.

From a brother-in-arms,
James Forsyth

28 Nov 2005

Hey man, I have to tell the story about the "Body Snatching Squad."

We had just arrived at Cu Chi to start our tour. We are in the 2nd platoon bunker loading our magazines and cleaning our newly issued M-16s when in walks this buck Sergeant. The Sergeant greets us, then goes on about how there is an opening on the body snatching squad that he leads. He goes into great detail about how they go out in the middle of the night to villages and kidnap suspected VC. He leaves and you say, "What do you think?" I say, "No F-ing way! If you want to do it OK but count me out."

Next day we arrive at our fire support base. The Captain assigns you to 1st squad and 2nd squad was my placement. Low and behold who walks into the CP but the buck Sergeant. Captain tells him he's got you and to walk me over to 2nd squad area. Instead he walks us both over to his 1st squad location and introduces us to everyone. Then he says, "Matta wants to be on the body snatching team." Everyone starts laughing. Someone says, "Sarg, you got to stop telling those stories and scaring the FNGs" There is no body snatching squad! The Sergeant walks up to you and says, "You didn't believe me, did you?" Then you throw the best right cross I've ever seen and drop him right on the spot. You say, "I'll never believe a word you say again." I never heard of him telling anyone the body snatching story ever again. I'm thinking, Wow, and this is only our first day, what a year we have ahead of us.

From a brother-in -arms,
James Forsyth
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A Note from The Virtual Wall

Delta 2/12 Infantry lost two men on 13 May 1969 - CPL Bruce J. Matta and SP4 Ralph M. Santinello of New York City, NY.

The casualty database lists four men who claimed Canton, Massachussetts, as their Home of Record:

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