Albert McBride

Lance Corporal
United States Marine Corps
04 August 1947 - 23 August 1968
New York, New York
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Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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Lance Corporal "Mack" McBride's tour of duty began on 15 December 1967. He was assigned to the Second Squad, 3rd Platoon of Delta Company, and he was killed in action on 23 August 1968 at the Battle for Cam Le Bridge, in the rice paddies on the South side of the bridge.

We who live on today will never forget Big Mack, as we affectionately called him. You see, Mack was a gentle giant, who I will always remember.

We were in the same battle at the Cam Le Bridge on that ill-fated day. Sleep on, my brother, for you have earned your rest, and you are forever young.


Some time before, they were youth, happy go lucky, and care free
Some time before. their worries were few, and they were so full of life
Some time before, their only competition was to impress the girl next door
Some time before, they knew only the beauty, love and peace of their youth

And then suddenly came yesterday, on a distant battle field, in an Asian jungle
Yesterday, their youth was gone, much too soon before it's time,
and only the shell of an old man remained

Yesterday, happy-go-lucky became, "It don't mean nothing".
Yesterday, care free became a high degree of caution, and a distrust of everything not Marine.
Yesterday, their worries were many, and they carried the knowledge,
that death might come at any second, and they felt as if their souls were dead.

Yesterday, their competition was a man named Charlie,
Whose one mission was to kill them, with extreme prejudice.
Yesterday, their only impression upon a girl in this strange land,
was thru the barrel of an M-16 rifle.

Yesterday, they knew only the ugliness of war,
the love of a smoking M-16 rifle,
and the peace that only existed between bothers in arms.

Yesterday, it was "13 months and a wake up",
Today, it's still 13 months, just ain't no wake up.
Today, it's a second chance at the life, once left behind in those youthful times.
Today, we show the world that we are not broken men,
We are men who have beaten the odds.

Today, once again, we have found our honor, our love of family, and our peace.
Today, we have once again found our youth.

Written by
John W. Thomas Sr.

From a fellow Marine who was with Mack at the Cam Le bridge,
John W. Thomas
3321 Liberty Heights Ave, #304, Baltimore, Md. 21215

A Note from The Virtual Wall

At 0300 23 August the Marine security outposts at the Cam Le Bridge just south of Danang came under heavy attack by what appeared to be most of a North Vietnamese battalion. Although the outpost on the north bank of the river held out, the outpost on the south side was overrun after a four hour fight. A reaction force from the 1st MP Bn (which had elements of the 3rd MP Bn attached) moved to reinforce the north bank outpost, while elements of the 1/27 and 2/27 Marines, supported by tanks from the 1st Tank Bn moved to recapture the southern end of the bridge. The fighting lasted well into the 23rd and resulted in a number of US killed and wounded - but the actions north and south of the river and follow-up sweeps by the Marines and the 52nd ARVN Infantry on 24-26 August resulted in several hundred NVA dead left on the field.

The number of casualties at the Cam Le Bridge is difficult to determine with exactitude because a number of different units were involved. Close reading of the Command Chronologies shows that not fewer than 15 Marines and sailors died in the fight for the Cam Le Bridge:

  • D Co, 1st MP Bn:
  • H&S Co, 3rd MP Bn:
    • Cpl Robert D. Purdie, Sherman Oaks, CA
    • HN Alan R. Gerrish, Woburn, MA (DoW 07 Sep 68) (Navy Cross)
    • LCpl Harold J. Klusendorf, Troy, MI
    • LCpl Jerry A. Weimer, Fort Morgan, CO
    • Pfc Christopher L. Chambers, Molalla, OR

  • A Co, 1st Bn, 27th Marines:
    • LCpl Henry H. Ballew, South Roxana, IL
    • LCpl Leo M. Jennette, Buxton, NC

  • H&S Co, 1st Bn, 27th Marines:
  • E Co, 2nd Bn, 27th Marines:
    • LCpl Michael L. Cooper, Chesapeake, WV

  • F Co, 2nd Bn, 27th Marines:
    • LCpl George A. Kyricos, Tewksbury, MA

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