William Francis Mc Carthy
Lance Corporal
United States Marine Corps
Medford, Massachusetts
September 22, 1948 to December 16, 1967
WILLIAM F Mc CARTHY is on the Wall at Panel 32E, Line 12

Combat Action Ribbon
William F Mc Carthy
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I met Mac, as we knew him, in Boston in 1966 when we were sworn into the Marine Corps together. We did not join as part of the buddy system so we were never separated. I was the last person he spoke to moments before he was killed 16 December 1967 around noon. His parents arranged for me to come home with his remains for burial as a special escort.

Unbelievably, I married his fiance' in 2005 and we live in the house he grew up in, located in Medford Massachusetts. Attached are photos of him, program from his Marine memorial and Boston Herald tribute for him at home, and a photo of his cemetery marker.

-- Leonard A Sawicki, best friend, February 24, 2013.

According to Marine reports, Cua Viet Port Facility came under two separate attacks on December 16, 1967. One Naval Support Activity, DANANG (Cua Detachment) sailor was killed and two sailors wounded. The 1st AMTRAC Battalion Headquarters was also located at Cua Viet and they lost two men from the Battalion Headquarters & Service Company and two were lost from the 1st Searchlight Battery of the 12th Marines.

The first attack consisted of 90 or more rounds of 100mm (identified by fuse) and unidentified rounds thought to be rockets (Fuses all to be forwarded to G-2). The Command Post Tower was unable to sense missile flashes. F/2/4 sensed by sound and called 105mm artillery and 4.2 mortars on grid YD 296744. They also called for counter battery fire by 12th Marines on known artillery position North of the Ben Hai River.

The second attack consisted of 50 or more rounds of same caliber weapons. CP called 105mm mission again at YD 296744. Called counter battery fire North of Ben Hai River again. Friendly equipment destroyed: 7 tropical huts, two water tralers, one 30KW generator from National Security Agency (NAS), and minor damage to three LVTs. There was moderate damage to 10 tropical huts.

There was a total of five KIA, 11 WIA MedEvac, and 20 Non MedEvac.

The five men killed from these artillery attacks were:

Boston Herald Tribute and Marine Corps Memorial Service Program. In addition to his parents, John J and Mary E Mc Carthy of Medford, he was survived by three brothers, John J. Jr, then of Malden, and Timothy and George who were still living at home. He was also survived by both maternal and paternal grandparents.



-- Leonard A Sawicki, best friend, February 24, 2013.

William Francis Mc Carthy is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Medford, Massachusetts.


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