John Lloyd McClurg

Army of the United States
01 May 1951 - 17 August 1970
Earlham, Iowa
Panel 08W Line 119


Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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06 Dec 2001

Mack - It's been over 31 years now and although we didn't know each other well your memory has been with me for all that time. You see I can't help but wonder if you hadn't asked Captain Dan to give me the company radio job so you could go back to your friends in the third platoon, that I would have been on that chopper with Lt. Parmentier and Sgt. Eastland rather than you and that my life would have ended instead of yours when Sgt. Eastland set off that booby trap at the edge of the LZ. I remember several days before, you and Sgt. Eastland practicing throwing your knife at a tree stump while we were all relaxing on a nice warm day as we awaited word that we would be going to the rear for a little break at China Beach. But then word came that we had one last quick mission, and we loaded onto the choppers and that was the last time I saw you alive. You will always be with me, Mack. There's an old saying that only the good die young, so I have no doubt you are in good hands.

God Bless you and keep you!

I would be honored to meet, talk with or exchange e-mails
with any friends or relatives of John.

A memorial from a friend - we served together,
Robert M. Cashman
13005 Foxden Drive, Rockville, Md 20850

14 Feb 2006

John was a friend of mine back home in Iowa. He was killed about three months after I returned from Vietnam. I think of him often and talk to my students about him every Veterans' Day. He isn't forgotten.

From a friend,
Bob Fitzgerald

A Note from The Virtual Wall

The two men killed by the booby trap were
  • 2LT Roger D. Parmentier, Littleton, CO, A Btry, 2nd Bn, 320th Arty, and
  • CPL John L. McClurg, Earlham, IA, B Co, 1st Bn, 327th Inf

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