Samuel Lee McDonald

Private First Class
Army of the United States
13 September 1944 - 15 November 1965
Harrisburg, PA
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Samuel L McDonald

Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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25 Mar 2002

Uncle Sam,

I never got a chance to know you personally, but I have memories of your life. I want to THANK YOU for all you have done for this country and our family. You have represented courage, honor, and great integrity. Your life stood for so much! Your service was greatly appreciated. We love you and again, THANK YOU!!

Love from your niece,
Marty H.

26 Sep 2002

Uncle Sam,

I'm so proud to say that May 26th was proclaimed

Samuel and Purcell McDonald Day

by the mayor of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, because of an uncompromising dream of your mother, Alzrio McDonald.

There was a big plaque of the proclamation and a small ceremony to recognize this day.

It was a wonderful day!!

Marty Henderson

A note from The Virtual Wall:
Purcell McDonald, another of Ms. Henderson's uncles, was wounded in action in Vietnam.
08 April 2002

Dearest Brother Sam,

A life time has passed since you went on to Glory. Your son was born shortly after you left. He has matured into a handsome young man, who is the image of his father. You have two great grandchildren. Your grandson is quite a helper to his father, and your granddaughter has a beautiful gift of prayer.

All of your brothers and sisters have grown up and had families of their own. I, your middle sister, have three grown children with five grandchildren. In total, you have ten nieces and seven nephews. Your youngest two brothers have not had any children.

Dad passed on about ten years ago and mother is still going strong. After ten years of retirement, she started working again. We are happy for her. It keeps her busy.

I certainly enjoyed my time with you and have truly missed you over the years. If you recall, you have always been the loving brother. But, after you left God sent your spirit onto our middle bother. He is now the lovable bother, who insists on kissing everybody.

Love you,
Your sister, Stine

from his sister,
Celeste McDonald Henderson
Harrisburg, PA

24 May 2002


Sometimes I question the Lord of what He allows at least
Why is there no harmony or world peace
The wrong of mankind should be ceased
If we're His flock we should't be fleeced
I know running heaven and earth is no easy feat
So why slay good sheep in search of the beast
Imagine watching over every city, every street
Trying to stop famine so the world can eat
He watches everyone, never is discreet
He's mind, soul and heart every thump every beat
Having Him as a father is always a treat
Cause when it comes to heaven I want front seat
So I always play fair and I never cheat
Cause if needed, provided a whole spiritual fleet
Whatever obstacle I may have to meet
He walks with me, he just uses my feet

From his brother,
Richard Lee McDonald
Brooklyn, New York

06 Mar 2003

There are many of us who are familiar with the sacrifices made by the young men at LZ X-Ray. As a local soldier, Sam's service and sacrifice to his country is even more personal and appreciated since my brother, Bill Beck of Steelton, PA, also served during that battle. I just wanted you to know how proud we'll always be of men such as Samuel McDonald. They will never be forgotten!

John Beck
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PFC Sam McDonald
died in the fighting in the
Ia Drang Valley
November 1965.

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