Robert Louis Mc Duffy
Private First Class
Army of the United States
Coushatta, Louisiana
June 30, 1945 to April 28, 1968
ROBERT L Mc DUFFY is on the Wall at Panel 52E, Line 41

Robert L Mc Duffy
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22 Mar 2008

Everyone needs to remember you and all that you gave to your country. You gave the ultimate sacrifice for all our freedom.

You are a hero.

From a friend,
Jimmy Stephens


A Note from The Virtual Wall

The classic cordon operation of the Vietnam war began on April 28, 1968, around the village of Phuoc Yen. The battle began with units from the 2nd Bde, 101st Airborne, trapping the 8th Bn, 90th NVA Regiment, in the "stocking" area of the Song Bo River two miles northwest of Hue. For four days, companies from three 2nd Brigade battalions, together with local Popular Forces (PFs) and a company from the 1st ARVN Division, lay siege to the village complex that intelligence sources said was harboring an NVA battalion.

Although the Allied forces were supported by batteries of the 21st Artillery, helicopter gunships, and Air Force fighter-bombers, defeat of the NVA battalion rested with the infantrymen. On the morning of the fifth day, with 419 NVA soldiers known dead, the remaining 107 surrendered, the first North Vietnamese Army unit to surrender en masse to an American unit in the history of the war.

Thirteen US soldiers died in the five days of fighting around Phuoc Yen:

  • C Co, 1st Bn, 501st Infantry
    • CPL Valentine A. Ochs, Sandy Lake, PA (04/28/1968)
    • PFC Robert L. McDuffy, Coushatta, LA (04/28/1968)
    • PFC Ronnie G. Slay, Houston, TX (04/28/1968)

  • D Co, 2nd Bn, 501st Infantry
    • SSG John B. Gingery, Carlisle, PA (04/28/1968) (Silver Star)
    • PFC Michael J. Saunders, Clearwater, FL (04/28/1968)

  • A Co, 1st Bn, 502nd Infantry
    • 2LT John K. House, San Antonio, TX (05/01/1968)
    • SSG Gelasio N. Gomez, Lower Graniteville, VT (05/01/1968)
    • SGT Joseph T. Kovaloff, Honolulu, HI (04/29/1968)
    • CPL Arie Terry, Decatur, AL (04/30/1968)
    • PFC Daniel W. Daley, Elizabeth, NJ (05/01/1968)
    • PFC John T. Intihar, Jamestown, NY (04/28/1968)
    • PFC Larry E. Lutz, Parma, OH (04/30/1968)
    • PFC Lawrence J. Merschel, Wayne, PA (05/01/1968)

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