Brian Kent McGar

Staff Sergeant
Army of the United States
17 August 1947 - 13 July 1976
Ceres, California
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Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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27 Jan 2005

Thursday, 12 July 2001

To the family of Brian Kent McGar, PFC, United States Army

I have been wearing Brian's POW/MIA bracelet for the past 31 years, never taking it off. EVER! NOT FOR ANYTHING. I was doing some research for veterans' issues and came across the POW Network site and checked it out. I have a friend who was a POW for 51/2 years and decided to check his name out. I read all of the info on him and decided to check out Brian's info. I was absolutely stunned to find out that Brian had come home over four years ago. I had no idea that this had happened. The ironic thing is that I am currently President of Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 55 in Licking County, Ohio.

Brian has been my constant companion for over 31 years and I am in a true quandary as to continue to wear his name on my wrist. I want to continue to honor Brian and all of the rest of my "Brothers In Arms".

As tell all of the school children at the classes that we VVA members teach - "I do not wear this bracelet to call attention to myself - I wear it to honor those who gave the supreme sacrifice and to remind myself as to how very lucky my family has been through World War II, Korea and Vietnam". No member of the Rehl family has died in conflict since the Civil War.

I just wanted to let you know how proud I have been to wear Brian on my strong right arm all these many years. He wasn't heavy - he is my brother.

Writing this letter has given me the answer to my question as to whether or not to continue to wear Brian's name.

Yes - I am going to continue to do so. I feel that Brian would want it for our brothers who have not come home.

Thank you for Brian, my brother.

Mark A. Rehl
Vietnam Veterans Of America
Chapter 55
Licking County, Ohio

Notes from The Virtual Wall

In early 1967, elements from the 25th Infantry Division's 3rd Brigade, the 101st Airborne Division's 1st Brigade, and the 196th Infantry Brigade were used to form a division-sized force to bolster operations in the I Corps area in northern South Vietnam. Called TASK FORCE OREGON, this force dissolved when the 23rd Infantry (AMERICAL) Division was formed in September 1967.

Headquarters and Headquarters Company (HHC), 3rd Brigade, 25th Infantry, included a Long Range Recon Patrol force, trained for small unit reconnaissance and operations within enemy-held territory, usually operating in teams of 5 to 7 men.

On 31 May 1967, a five-man team was inserted at the base of Hill 310 in Quang Ngai Province. After reconnoitering the base of the hill they were to move to the peak in order to establish an observation post. At 2030 (8:30 PM) the patrol reported by radio that they were moving to the top of Hill 310. They failed to make a scheduled report at 2145 (9:45 PM).

Additional forces were inserted on the morning of 01 June to locate the missing patrol. During the search, evidence of an ambush was found, and the bodies of two Americans were found in freshly-dug graves. Although the search effort continued for almost two weeks, no further evidence of the three missing men was found.

The patrol consisted of

  • SGT John A. Jakovac, missing in action
  • CPL Charles G. Rogerson, killed in action/body recovered
  • SP4 Carl D. Flower, killed in action/body recovered
  • PFC Brian K. McGar, missing in action
  • PFC Joseph E. Fitzgerald, missing in action
As time passed, the Secretary of the Army approved Presumptive Findings of Death for the three missing men - Fitzgerald on 08 July 1975, McGar on 13 July 1976, and Jakovac on 14 Feb 1978.

On 07 February 1994, the Vietnamese government turned over six sets of remains. Three sets were identified within 18 months - those of

  • Major John C. Egger, USAF, lost 3 November 1967 (08/15/94);
  • Major Richard D. Smith, USAF, lost 11 March 1965 (09/06/94); and
  • Warrant Officer Richard A. Knutson, US Army, lost 08 January 1973 (10/27/1995).

On 06 February 1997, the identification of the other three remains was announced ... Jakovac, McGar, and Fitzgerald had come home.

The 25th Infantry's 3rd Brigade was returned after the Americal Division was established, and its LRRP element was absorbed into the Ranger Companies that were formed, first as F Company, 50th Infantry, and subsequently as F Company, 75th Infantry. The five men of Team 3A lost on 31 May 1967 are remembered on the LRRP site .

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