Bobby Lyn McKain

Chief Warrant Officer
Army of the United States
11 February 1946 - 03 May 1968
Garden City, Kansas
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AH-1 Cobra

Bobby L. McKain

Army Aviator

Purple Heart, Air Medal, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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01 May 2004


By way of introduction I am Hugh Chaney the father of your co-pilot Arthur Chaney. Even though we have never met person to person I feel I know you through the numerous audio tapes and letters from Art. He offered many kind words about you and stated his respect for you as a pilot. After spending several months flying the Huey Art had his eye on the Cobra and was especially pleased when he was assigned to fly with you. He mentioned it was your second tour and he felt comfortable flying with someone with considerable experience. I hasten to say Mrs Chaney and I did meet your parents. While I was assigned to the Pacific Air Forces Headquarters in Hawaii your parents came to visit. We enjoyed their visit so much and we learned so much more about you and of course we took every opportunity to speak of Art. Well, Bobby it has been almost 36 years since you are Art had that terrible accident and you have not been forgotten for one minute. Much tireless work has been done to effect the recovery of you and Art, but considering where you were lost if will be a most difficult task. I still pray for you and I feel an inner peace knowing a memorial cross for you and Art are side by side in Arlington National Cemetery.

Hugh Chaney

Notes from The Virtual Wall

On 03 May 1968 CWO Bobby McKain, pilot, and WO Arthur Chaney , co-pilot, were flying an AH-1G Cobra (tail number 66-15332) on an armed escort mission for a reconnaissance team. While operating near Co Roc Mountain on the eastern side of the A Shau Valley, about 15 km southwest of Khe Sanh, the crew engaged an NVA 37mm anti-aircraft site and were hit by return fire. The Cobra broke up at about 1500 above ground, with the main fuselage and tail boom falling separately to the ground. The fuselage section exploded and burned after ground impact. Other aircrew in the area observed the post-crash fire but did not see any signs of survivors, nor was radio contact made with either crewman. The enemy presence precluded insertion of a ground team, preventing recovery of the crew. The crash was judged to have been unsurvivable and both men were classed as "Killed in Action/Body not Recovered". As of 27 April 2004 their remains have not been recovered.

As noted above by Mr. Chaney, Chief Warrant Officer McKain was on his second tour, having served with D Company, 227th Aviation Battalion, in 1966-67.

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