Donald Henry McMains, Jr

Staff Sergeant
Army of the United States
15 September 1947 - 09 August 1969
Garden Grove, California
Panel 20W Line 119

Silver Star

Combat Infantry

Bronze Star (3 awards), Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign
Donald H McMains

The database page for Donald Henry McMains, Jr

9 Nov 2001

I can't believe none of "Scotty's" associates and comrades in arms have left a memorial to him, for he was a most memorable guy. A draftee, a "shake & bake" instant NCO, his sense of humor always bested the worst of the war. He was duteous far beyond the norm, professional far greater than his years. Killed in his 10th month, about, in combat he was no quitter and never sought, as so many did, the safety of the base camp. His service can only have the effect of redeeming his indulgent generation. His sacrifice must ever shine with soldierly honor and make his countrymen proud.

From a member of his Squad,
Bill Noyes
1035 Hazel Ave, Campbell, Ca 95008

27 May 2003

My name is Dawn Marie Menchaca and I have the privilege of being named after Don, by my father Frank J. Menchaca who was his best friend in high school, Santiago High. My father also served in the Army at the same time, but as a Drill Sergeant. While in serving in the Army, Don had told my father that he wanted children, and if he had a girl her name would be Dawn, and if he were to have a boy he would be Don Jr., that is how I received my name, in honor of Don. He was my dad's best friend and dad thinks about him all the time. Dad paid his respects to him yesterday, 5/26/03, as he does every Memorial Day. I only wish I could have known him.

Dawn Marie Menchaca
6721 Anthony Ave., Garden Grove, Ca 92845

10 Nov 2004

My name is Krista and I unfortunately never had the opportunity to meet Don. On this Veteran's Day and being so close to Thanksgiving, I will forever be thankful for Don's life. Those of his friends who know me, understand my feelings. Thank you to all of you who have given me the information and pictures of Don for my own memorial. I will be eternally appreciative! Ironically enough, my middle name is Dawn. May we always remember him and appreciate him for what he gave to us all!

Krista (Lovell) Krausman

30 Apr 2005

My good friend Dawn Menchaca, daughter of Frank Menchaca, introduced me to this site and to Don. Even though I never met this man I know that he proudly served our country and fought bravely for our freedom. Know him or not, we are all forever in debt to individuals like Don. Thank You, Don.

From a friend de la familia,
John Rapp
E-mail address is not available.

23 Jan 2006

One of Don's closest friends, Al Reed, brought Don to my apartment in November, 1968. We went out to the parking lot behind the apartment building and threw a football around for hours. I didn't think anyone enjoyed throwing and catching a football more than me but Don just couldn't get enough of it. He was good too! We became instant friends and looked forward to the day when we could play catch again but, sadly, that day would never come. I wish I could have known him longer but I feel very fortunate to have known him at all.

From a friend,
Chuck Dickerson

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