Christopher W Meagher

Army of the United States
01 May 1947 - 21 February 1969
Staten Island, New York
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Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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7 Jul 2002


by his comrades in arms from
VVA Chapter 421

From a fellow Vietnam veteran,
Lester Modelowitz

04 Nov 2002

Chris Meagher was a resident of Staten Island, New York.

I was a friend of his, not a good friend but a kid from the neighborhood who regularly competed against him, back in the '60s, and I spent many an afternoon playing football with the Meagher brothers on the fields of Grant City, under the brow of the great hills, and Midland Beach, not far from the ocean.

We lived in the sticks in those days. Nobody had very much. Staten Island was the Forgotten Borough, the Capital of Weeds, where, as befit a maritime province, the small streets were posted with the tiniest signs imaginable, and where there was any pavement at all, the sidewalks were the narrowest in the world.

The Meaghers grew up in a working-class family; they stuck together and always played on the same side. And I sought them out because I looked forward to opposing them. They were very tough to beat.

The Meagher brothers hit hard but they played clean ball and they never cheated. Chris wasn't big for a boy his age but he was very fast and built like a terrier: wiry, feisty and tough. He had a tremendous fighting spirit and played with a passion: full throttle, all out, take no prisoners.

Whenever I visit Staten Island and pass his granite memorial at Midland Beach, I stop and take off my hat to him. He was an athlete. He was a sportsman. He was a friend. It pains me to recollect that I received a student deferment, went on to college and eventually became a writer, while Chris was drafted, went to Vietnam and died before he had a chance to live.

May he rest in peace.

Marc-Yves Tumin
E-mail address is not available.

5 Mar 2004


It has been 35 years since he left all of us at home. If anyone knew him you'd know that he was the oldest of 11 bothers and sisters. In all this time I have had a lot of fear about what I'm going to ask so, here it goes ... If you or someone you know, might have met him in Vietnam I'd like to know. Also, some of my brothers and sisters might not want to know anything about it. So, if you are able to make contact please make it just to me.

Also, Brooks! .... at least that's what we called you when you guys used to play football. Don't know why you got the nickname "Brooks" but we all had one. In those days I was "Gunther" ... We remember him on the field, and we still put on our cleats. Thank you for thinking of him.

From his brother,

29 Mar 2006

Chris was always a great guy, always cracking wise, but funny. He'd always have us laughing while we were waiting for the Advance to be delivered to the front of Ray's house. I remember the time my brother came home on leave and he was playing football with the Meagher Clan - that was a big mistake. Like the last guy said, they don't cheat, but they do play like it's the Superbowl - anyway my brother came home with a broken nose - hahahah, too bad, well, at least it wasn't me. But he was closer to my brother's age than to mine and they remained good friends, and my brother named his son for Chris.

From a friend,

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