Farrell Eugene Mealer, Jr
Army of the United States
Virginia Beach, Virginia
October 13, 1948 to September 12, 1970
FARRELL E MEALER Jr is on the Wall at Panel W7, Line 59

Farrell E Mealer
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Please add his photo. This is my cousin - I was given the name he loved for a girl; my mother, his aunt, named me after his favorite girl name as he never had children. Friends and family knew him as "Punky". Thank you.

Kimberly Silvey
October 02, 2013

Today, The Virtual Wall received the following information from Kimberly: "...thank you so much for your efforts!! It really is so so important to remember our troops and those who lay down their lives for our amazing country!" Along with her comments, she sent an additional tribute from her mother. Kimberly says, "This is from my 82 year old Mom." Punky's Aunt Martha writes:

"A tribute to my nephew, Farrell Eugene Mealer Jr. and as the entire family called him from his birth, PUNKEY. He was always an adoring apple of the eye of his Mom and Dad. He married a lovely girl from San Antonia, Gladys Wahl, and they were married only 9 months when he lost his life in Viet Nam, and she has never re-married as she said nobody could walk in his shoes. "

"He had served two tours of duty there and went back for a 3rd tour as a Military Advisor. His life was taken by a detonated land mine."

"He was a precarious teenager like many his age and, as many, can have a troubling time. He overcame all obstacles and became a wonderful son, husband and a very good soldier. He got to come home briefly on a leave during his 3rd tour to attend his beloved grandmothers funeral just 3 months before his death. "

"He is now in the arms of his grandparents, mother and father. We think of him every day."

Martha Mealer Smith
April 11, 2014

Farrell Meaker grew up in Virginia Beach and graduated from Cox High School. SSG Farrell E. Mealer, Jr, died in a combat operation when a mine was detonated. He was survived by his wife, Laine G Mealer, who was living in Virginia Beach at the time. He was buried in Princess Anne Memorial Park, Virginia Beach, Virginia.


He was also survived by parents who have since passed. Farrell, Sr and his wife, Sarah are buried with their son in Princess Ann Memorial Park.


- - - - The Virtual Wall, April 11, 2014.

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