Mac Hughlen Meece
Specialist Four
Army of the United States
Drum, Kentucky
May 12, 1946 to May 05, 1966
MAC H MEECE is on the Wall at Panel 7E, Line 30

Mac H Meece
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10 Jan 2005

This past November 2004 the niece of Hugh Meece, Dana and Mike Stewart, contacted me via e-mail to see if I knew Hugh as we were in the same Unit at the same time in Vietnam (Cu Chi). I knew Hugh was one of our first KIA's but I did not know him personally. But I told his niece that I might know some guys that served with her Uncle Hugh. I then called Bob Taggleman and Dwane Beesley and they both knew him. But Beesley knew him the best as they were both living in the same hooch in Vietnam. We were able to tell the family all about Hugh and how he was killed. He was a doorgunner on one of the helicopters in D Troop, and that is how he was KIA. Hugh's older brother (Dana's Dad) is still alive and she and her husband Mike wanted to make something for her Dad about Hugh for this Christmas. We were able to fill in all the blanks of how he was KIA, and where he was at.

The family sent both Dwane and I a CD of pictures of Hugh in Vietnam, and also in e-mail pictures of his tomb stone where he is laid to rest in Kentucky.

May the Good Lord always hold Hugh in the palm of His Hands.

God Bless you, Hugh, and rest in Peace, Bro.

Roger McGill

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