Charles Daniel Miller

Lance Corporal
United States Marine Corps
22 November 1947 - 31 March 1968
Wewoka, Oklahoma
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Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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04 Feb 2004

Charles graduated from Wewoka High School in 1966. We were raised up about one block apart - we hunted squirrels every day we could and we cooked them ourselves over an open fire. We had a good childhood ... we enjoyed playing baseball, and we hauled hay to get in shape for the Marine Corps. Boy did we get a surprise! I think of him every day, he was a good Marine. I was IN ITR when he went through staging - I just missed him.


30 Mar 2007

I am so proud to have known Charles and all his family, they were all proud to have served. I talked to Louis about 6 months ago. He said he was dodging green tracer bullets on his 21st birthday. At first when they brought you back you were accompanied by a member of your unit, but that soon stopped. This marine who came with Charles treated him just like a brother, in the Marines you bond with every Marine and you will lay down your life for him. The 101st Airborne Rangers would do the same thing. We will always remember Charles. He feared no one, because he knew God was always with him. Semper Fi, Charles, I will never forget you. See you on the side soon. P. R. Whitlock, USMC 1967-68

From a fellow Marine,
Phil Whitlock
Box 82, Sasakwa, Oklahoma

A Note from The Virtual Wall

The 1968 Tet Offensive began at the end of January, but heavy fighting continued throughout the spring. The 1/5 Marines' After Action Report for Operation HOUSTON contains the following entry:
"310230H - Company A, bridge security elements at YD949069 and YD967064 came under heavy 82mm mortar fire from enemy positions at YD968066 and YD949701. The mortar barrage was followed by an intense ground assault from an estimated 150 NVA at each friendly position. Enemy utilized small arms, automatic weapons, and B-40 rockets in the attack. The position at YD949069 was overrun and the bridge blown. Results: 15 USMC KIA, 31 USMC WIAE, 27 USMC WIANE, 1 NBCE, 61 NVA KIA confirmed and 1 POW."
The two Marine positions were the security posts on the north and south banks of the Truoi River guarding the Highway 1 Bridge, located about 11 kilometers southeast of the Phu Bai airfield complex. Bravo 1/5 provided a reaction force which arrived too late to save the bridge but did succeed in preventing a slaughter of the wounded Marines in the over-run northern position. The 14 Marines and 1 sailor who died at the Truoi River Bridge were
  • A Company, 1/5 Marines
    • Cpl Walter W. Rosolie, Rosedale, NY (Silver Star)
    • LCpl Charles D. Miller, Wewoka, OK
    • Pfc Richard Garcia, San Antonio, TX
    • Pfc Robert K. Horspool, Ogden, UT
    • Pfc Gerald L. Johnson, Mojave, CA
    • Pfc Richard F. Links, Noank, CT
    • Pfc Kevin W. Moore, Milwaukee, WI
    • Pfc William R. Neal, Amarillo, TX

  • B Company, 1/5 Marines
    • Pfc Edward T. Stone, Dorchester, MA

  • H&S Company, 1/5 Marines (with A/1/5)
    • Cpl Arthur C. McLellan, Terryville, CT
    • HM3 Steven R. Wolter, Hilo, HI
    • LCpl Erasmo Palos, Eagle Pass, TX
    • Pfc Thomas J. Kovacevich, Detroit, MI
    • Pfc Walter R. Riggs, Moorpark, CA
    • Pfc Thomas P. Sweeney, Ashburnham, MA

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