Carleton Pierce Miller, Jr

Lieutenant (junior grade), United States Navy


From Melrose, Massachusetts

23 June 1944 - 06 January 1971

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Carleton Pierce Miller, Jr is on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Panel 05W Line 029 .

10 Dec 2004

To the Family and Loved Ones of

I have proudly worn the POW/MIA Bracelet that I bought at the "WALL" for many years. The only times that it has been off my wrist is during my surgeries. I have "Etchings" from the "WALL" and the "TRAVELING WALL" as well as his name inscribed on my lighter.

I lost an Uncle, George Evangelos Patisteas, F1C, when the USS BUNKER HILL was struck by Kamakazes on May 11, 1945, along with 346 others, 46 missing and 246 injured. He was buried at sea.

Carlton is and always will be a part of my family, my life and my heart. Thank you for your "Supreme" and "Ultimate Sacrifice" and although I cannot find any appropriate words that will ease the pain and sorrow, please take comfort in knowing that there are those who will never forget your tragedy and loss and that his memory and name live on in others. His and your strength and courage have sustained others and kept this Country free and a better place. I am honored to carry his name and memory with me 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and will continue to do so until I am able to embrace my Brother and those other Brave and Honored Souls who dedicated their lives for us the living.

I wish you and your loved ones Peace and Comfort, particularly during this time of year. Thank you and God Bless, Keep and Watch Over You Always.

Love Always, Ken

A Note from The Virtual Wall

On the night of 05/06 January 1971, LT L. Rinne and LTJG C. P. Miller (in F-4J BuNo 155577) flew a barrier Combat Air Patrol mission between North Vietnam and the carriers' operating station in the Gulf of Tonkin with a scheduled recovery at about 4 AM. The mission was routine and they entered marshall for a carrier-controlled approach as expected. The CCA was normal in all respects, with the crew calling the "ball" and transitioning from a radar/instrument aproach to a visual approach at something less than a mile aft of the ship.

LT Rinne flew a high approach and landed long, missing the arresting gear wires. While a "bolter" is neither uncommon nor especially demanding on the crew, this one ended differently than most - as the aircraft departed the deck both crewmen ejected. Crewmen aboard the ship saw two good parachutes and followed both to water landings. Although LT Rinne was picked up by one of RANGER's SH-3 helicopters, searches by the helicopters and plane guard destroyers failed to locate LTJG Miller. His body was not recovered.

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