Carl Robert Miller

Lance Corporal
United States Marine Corps
29 May 1949 - 28 July 1968
Elk City, Oklahoma
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Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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28 Jul 2005

My dear brother,
Today, 37 years ago, you here taken from the ones who loved you. All these years and still not many moments go by that you're not a part of... I love you so much and am so very proud of you, but miss you so much. Our country is in the middle of another heartbreaking war and already over 1700 families are left with the emptiness we've all felt since you were killed.

Love and miss you every second of every day,
your sister,

22 Jul 2006

Wanda knows war, death and war, war and death the peculiar pre-mature death of war death ... Carl dead, dead Carl, an empty space, a forgone future. Nineteen years of life etched upon a distant monument to cycles of death, war and death, death and war. Lifeless Carl, Carl lifeless, forgone future, space empty.

Mom knows war, a knock on the door, a folded flag. SIS DAD BRO COUSIN GRANNY AUNTS AND UNCLES sharing a hole in the heart ... tribes and clans, now spokes in a wheel of death rotating slowly in limbo, bearing grief unhealed, promise lost. Oh what might have been!

The ongoing anniversary of a portrait permanently unfinished...

Flags flying, troops marching, cannon booming, generals commanding, bagging bodies, coffins coming and going, bugles blowing, a wail of pain, 10,000 miles from home to the empty spaces of forgone futures from the untold losses of the tribes and clans scattered here, there and everywhere readying for ... DEATH OF WAR.

Written for Carl by his brother-in-law John Conklin ... Thank you, John.

28 Jul 2007

My Dear Brother,
Another year has passed since you left us and we all miss you so much and wish you were here with us to celebrate our growing family. There is not a time or day that goes by that you're not a part of us if not in thoughts, but words and you are all around us and even though you are not in your physical being you are here in every other way... We all love you so very much... Your loving sister Wanda

From his sister,
Wanda Miller Conklin

Our parents, Lewis and Gertrude Miller
29 Jan 2006

As the family of another fallen hero, Garry W. Baker, we salute you and love you as one of our own. You and your loved ones never stopped giving.

From a grateful and proud friend,
Coye Baker
66 Ironweed Drive, Pueblo, Colorado 81001

29 Aug 2006

Although I never met you, I feel as though I have known you forever. My Mom carries you very close to her heart, thus, I feel I have known you forever. You made the ultimate sacrifice for our country and there are no words that can express my humble admoration and thanks. In my book, you are the definition of hero.

From his nephew,
Brent Andriese
E-mail address is not available.

A Note from The Virtual Wall

Kilo Company, 3/7 Marines, lost 18 men on 28 July 1968 when they were engaged by an enemy force while on a sweep through an open rice paddy. The ferocity of the ensuing fight is evidenced by the Medal of Honor and two Silver Stars awarded to men who died:
  • 2ndLt William S. Smoyer, Princeton, NJ
  • SSgt David L. Brooks, Limona, FL
  • HM3 Wayne M. Caron, Middleboro, MA (Medal of Honor) (H&S with K/3/4)
  • Cpl Edward J. Downs, Washington, DC (Silver Star)
  • Cpl Philip L. Gosselin, Topeka, KS
  • Cpl Daniel E. Lloyd, Astoria, OR
  • Cpl Anthony C. Pino, Elmsford, NY
  • LCpl George S. Johnson, West Covina, CA
  • LCpl Douglas M. Kelly, Dickinson, ND
  • LCpl Robert C. Lee, Shreveport, LA
  • LCpl James C. Markel, Coatesville, PA
  • LCpl Carl R. Miller, Elk City, OK
  • LCpl Raphael J. Rendon, Washburn, IA
  • Cpl John R. Serrano, New York, NY (Silver Star)
  • LCpl Richard E. Urban, Stratford, CT
  • Pfc John M. Lancaster, Louisville, KY
  • Pvt John E. Rice, Fort Smith, AR
  • Pvt John J. Till, Pasco, WA

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