William Angus Miller

Corporal, Army of the United States


From Colorado Springs, Colorado

13 February 1948 - 03 April 1970

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William Angus Miller is on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Panel 12W Line 089.

13 Feb 2004

Happy Birthday Bill!
We miss you so much!! Your memory will always live on.

I have made contact with 6 men who served with you and knew you. They have shared some very wonderful remembrances of you. You certainly had many friends, but I am not surprised one bit. Mom, Dad and Kathy have recently passed away. You would be the first soul that each of them would hook up with. I hope you are all rolling around in one loving ball of energy. I will be calling Jim later today to wish him Happy Birthday. It is always a chance for us to remember you. You would be 56, still so young. I love you and miss you.

Your sister, Patty

15 Jan 2005

I would like to hear from anyone who knew my courageous, peaceful brother ... please let me hear from you. And to those of you so endearingly have, thank you. Please, stay in contact. I have so much respect for your ability to correspond with me. With regards and love, Patty

13 Feb 2006

We are missing you and loving you

From his sister,
Patty Miller

03 Apr 2007

Hey Big Brother: I am thinking of you on this apex date. You know and I know that this date affects many, many people. Time does not make anything easier; but, it does have a certain questionable tranquilizing effect.

You know I love you and that I know some of your pain being involved in that "war". Even dad did. He was hurt in many ways I will not fully understand. I do understand his emotional discomfort of feelings to some extent. He loved YOU. So many of us do love you. I hope it helps for you to know that, and I must believe that you do know it.

Billy, my first born son, who you were thankfully able to see photos of in 1970 which we sent to you in Vietnam; will marry on June 10, 2007 to a wonderful woman. If you can, give us a sign that your young namesake is experiencing one of the most incredible day of his life. I wish you could be here and experience the continued love for our wonderful family. You will be here. I know it will make you happy to learn of them. And mom and dad and Kathy will also.

I do have a difficult time imagining the afterlife. Good deserves good and I know you are all dancing on the same wavelength; experiencing the truth of your existence. When I go, I selfishly hope that I will find your energies and join in this positive dance.

I honor you and thank you for your committed contribution to this country. I could go on and on ... I just want to let you know and the world know how proud of you I am, how much I miss you and how difficult this must have been for you to get up every day and know you were misdirected into a battle you had so little chance to make a choice or decision about. You are my hero. I would much rather have you here and it seems so callous to say, but "that is not the way it worked out". I am SURE you know what I mean and you are here in our hearts.

I love you, truly. Your sister, Patty Miller Buys

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Patty Miller Buys
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