Clyde Minix
United States Marine Corps
North Judson, Indiana
November 13, 1945 to September 24, 1966
CLYDE MINIX is on the Wall at Panel 11E, Line 11

Combat Action Ribbon
Clyde Minix
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Could you please add these pictures to the Sgt. Clyde Minix memorial page. He was my uncle and my hero, I was 3 when he was killed in action.

My mom passed away recently and I found all of Clydes pictures in a case in the basement.

-- Ron Joseph, nephew, 09/09/2012

We contacted Ron shortly thereafter for a clarification on several of the photos and bit more family background information and he replied: "I do have a news paper clipping of how he was killed and the telegram that was sent to my Grandparents, telling them he was killed in action and when to expect the body returned home.

I also have a hand signed letter from General William Westmoreland to my Grandparents. The pic of the funeral was Clyde's but I have nothing else on that. I just wished I could find some of his friends in those pictures (below) and talk to them about Clyde (You can reach Ron Joseph by email here.)

I also have his uniform coat that you see him when he was home on leave, medals, and purple heart. I am going to Donate them to the American Legion in North Judson for display.

I'm so Thankful you can do this for Clyde.

-- The Virtual Wall

Photos probably taken at home after Basic Training. Clyde does not have any rank insignia on his sleeves and only one ribbon and skill qualification badge. His next assignment may have been the regimental training in California.

../dm/MinixCx01e.jpg ../dm/MinixCx01f.jpg

Clyde in Civilian cloths at home after basic training?


Newspaper Clipping showing the Clyde completed 4 weeks of regimental combat training at Camp Pendleton California - most likely in preparation for overseas movement to Vietnam with his Regiment. Also includes a notice about Wilcus Minix (Cousin or Uncle?) being assigned to a Military Police Company in Germany. Son of Ova Minix.


Photos probably taken at regimental training in California. He is outside of a barracks building in these photos as well as inside a barracks area.

../dm/MinixCx01i.jpg ../dm/MinixCx01j.jpg

../dm/MinixCx01k.jpg ../dm/MinixCx01l.jpg

../dm/MinixCx01m.jpg ../dm/MinixCx01n.jpg

Regimental training in California. The names of the two PFCs in the right photo may be C. J. Davis and G. I. or G. J. Blanchard, platoon mates of Clyde.

../dm/MinixCx01o.jpg ../dm/MinixCx01p.jpg

Regimental training in California. The group of photos gives author the impression that training is nearing end and unit is preparing to ship out to Vietnam. G. J. Davis is on left side of Photo.

../dm/MinixCx01q.jpg ../dm/MinixCx01r.jpg

May be last of Regimental training in California. Not sure if this is off post while in Pendleton or perhaps just arrived off coast of Vietnam? The photo on right is the beginning of overseas shipment to Vietnam.

../dm/MinixCx01s.jpg ../dm/MinixCx01u.jpg

Overseas preparation continues - more waiting. Man on right in right photo is G.J. or G.I. Davis. Man on left of Clyde in left photo is S. Garza.

../dm/MinixCx01v.jpg ../dm/MinixCx01w.jpg

Overseas preparation done and all aboard for Vietnam. Photo on right appears to have been in Vietnam along with some of the other photos as Clyde can be seen sitting on a cot.

../dm/MinixCx01x.jpg ../dm/MinixCx01y.jpg

../dm/MinixCx01z.jpg ../dm/MinixCx01aa.jpg

../dm/MinixCx01ab.jpg ../dm/MinixCx01ac.jpg

../dm/MinixCx01ad.jpg ../dm/MinixCx01ae.jpg




Clyde was the son of Mr. Ora Minix and Mrs. Irene Minix of North Judson Indiana. Clyde enlisted in the US Marine Corps on July 16, 1963 and was eventually assigned to Company G, 2d Battalion, 7th Marines, 1st Marine Division, Fleet Marine Force (FMF) in Vietnam.

During Operation PRAIRIE, by noon on September 24, Marines of Company G reported being in heavy contact with the NVA who were using a heavy volume of fire from automatic weapons and small arms fire with volleys of 82 mm mortars. Half way towards their objective, the men were unable to advance or withdraw, Company F was immediately ordered to advance towards the stalled Marine Company and assist.

As Company F moved south towards the on-going battle and approximately 500 meters before they could link up with the men under siege they were also hit with a barrage of 82 mm mortars, as well as a heavy volume of automatic weapons fire preventing any further forward progress. The order came for both units to break contact and return to base camp. When the men finally returned to the base camp, Company F reported two men killed in action and seventeen wounded, Company G reported ten Marines and one USN Corpsman killed in action (seven of the men killed in action were unrecoverable and temporarily listed as MIA until their bodies would be recovered by Company E and G on September 28), and twenty six Company G Marines had been wounded during the long, difficult, and deadly day.

Sgt Minix was one of the many casualties who were killed in action as a result of multiple fragmentation wounds. Casualties from the contact were:

-- The Virtual Wall

The telegram and clipping below announces the death of Clyde in his hometown area. The following documents record events that happened with the family after his death.









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