Frank James Montez

United States Marine Corps
18 January 1950 - 20 September 1969
Salinas, California
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Silver Star

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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16 Jan 2005


Pfc Charles Goldmeyer was wounded
in the same action
and died on 25 Sep 1969.

From a friend and fellow recon team member,
Roger D Fleming
2951 Dave Ray Street S W, Supply, N C 28462

23 Jan 2006

Frank... After all these years you are still sorely missed, my friend. It's easy to say that you are in a better place, and you might be. I just wish you had been granted the same amount of time to live life as I have. God Bless You and Rest in Peace, my friend.

"Doc" Bill Korp
930 Columbia Ave, Holland, Michigan 49423

A Note from The Virtual Wall

The 1st Recon Battalion Command Chronology for September 1969 contains the orders for and post-patrol report from A Company's "PARALLEL BARS" team. The patrol was to be inserted on 19 September and extracted three days later on the 22nd. The schedule slipped a day and PARALLEL BARS, consisting of eight men, was inserted at noon on 20 Sep 1969.

At 1630 the patrol smelled cooking and heard voices and the sounds of domestic fowl from a knoll. The team leader, Corporal Frank Montez, and three men moved toward the noise while the other members began to encircle the knoll. Montez' group was fired upon by a single NVA/VC and returned fire, killing the enemy soldier. Two other NVA/VC then recovered the dead soldier and withdrew. The other group saw several enemy soldiers approaching from the south and took them under fire. Noticing other enemy troops to the east, PARALLEL BARS regrouped and started moving out. However, they took fire from the intended direction of movement and on the advice of an aerial observer reversed direction.

By this time it was apparent they were surrounded and the team went into a 360-degree defense while calling for extraction. The aerial observer took the enemy under fire with rockets, but shrapnel also hit two team members. The extraction helo added to the close-in fighting with its machine guns before successfully extracting the team at 2030H. Corporal Montez had been killed in the action and three others wounded - Hospital Corpsman Viento twice (once by enemy and once by friendly fire), Pfc Head and Pfc Goldmeyer once each.

HM3 Viento and Pfc Head recovered from their injuries, but Pfc Charles Goldmeyer died five days later.

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