John Howard Mooney, Jr

United States Marine Corps
13 September 1937 - 07 January 1967
Lakewood, California
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USMC Combat Aircrew

Purple Heart, Air Medal, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign
John H Mooney

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Corporal John "Jack" Mooney, Jr.
Photo from his son, John H. Mooney III.

Semper Fidelis

George T. Curtis
Master Gunnery Sergeant
USMC Retired 66-91
Vietnam 1967-70

12 Nov 2004

John Howard Mooney, Jr. was my grandfather. I just wanted to say that I am extremely proud to have a grandfather who was willing to die for his country. In my eyes he is a hero and I only wish I could've gotten the chance to know him. I will treasure and love him always and I am forever thankful that he was willing to fight for his country and protect the freedom of many Americans who do not deserve it.

From his granddaughter,
Sarah Rosser
E-mail address is not available.

27 Feb 2007

John Howard Mooney, Jr was my husband's father. I find it so amazing the impact that this man's very short and courageous life has had on those he left behind. To see the message my daughter has left here is a testament to just how much his sacrifice meant to his grandchildren. His son, born John Howard Mooney III (now John H. Rosser as the result of adoption by his stepfather) joined the Marine Corps in 1983 to follow in his father's footsteps. During his tour he was able to locate his father's grave site in Long Beach, CA and end years of uncertainty as to where his father had been buried. Jack's sacrifice has been something that our entire family has been accutely aware of, and respected, since our children were small. When the traveling Vietnam Veteran's Memorial came to Lynchburg VA, our children went and laid a rose at his name. They have always been keenly aware of his sacrifice and very proud of him. I am very proud of them as I see them growing into young women who understand the sacrifice he made and share in his love of our country.

From his daughter-in-law,
Susan W. Rosser

Notes from The Virtual Wall

Corporal John H. Mooney was a finance clerk assigned to the MAG-15 disbursing section. When HMM-362 went aboard USS IWO JIMA to support the afloat landing force, Cpl Mooney was attached to the squadron. He managed to arrange for another crewman to surrender his "flight skins" (flight pay) to open a slot so that he, Mooney, could fly as aircrew.

On 07 Jan 67 H-34 BuNo 147192 was conducting support flights between USS IWO JIMA and bases ashore. During one stop on IWO JIMA, the gunner got off the aircraft to eat and Cpl Mooney replaced him. The aircraft then departed ship for Landing Zone DUCK where they were to pick up a load of Marines.

While the Marines were embarking a hand grenade came loose and exploded, killing Corporal John H. Mooney and Pvt Donald F. Rhodes, of Raleigh, NC, and wounding four other Marines. An H-46 picked up the dead and wounded and evacuated them to the IWO JIMA, while a separate aircrew flew the badly damaged H-34 back to the ship.

That night, the perimeter at LZ DUCK was probed by the VC, with one Marine killed in the action - Lance Corporal John James Murphy, Charlie 1/9 Marines, from Philadelphia, PA.

From the
Pop-A-Smoke site
and the 1/9 Command Cronology.

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