Glenn Douglas Moore

Warrant Officer
Army of the United States
18 June 1945 - 08 February 1968
Castro Valley, California
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Army Aviator

Purple Heart, Air Medal, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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26 Feb 2002

My young life was blessed by his love. His spirit still lives within my heart and his voice still sings within my soul.

He is not gone until all those who knew him, and the generations that know them, are gone.

Until then . . .

A memorial from his wife,
Little Lady MM

14 Sep 2007

Sara is getting married tomorrow ... you would like her new husband, an Army Major. You are in my heart and I carry your love within me. We will walk Sara down the aisle tomorrow to give her away together, my darling Glenn. Little Lady MM

From his wife.
E-mail address is not available.
20 March 2002

Glenn Moore was good friend of mine. We met at the First Baptist Church of Castro Valley. In the Fall, almost every Sunday after church, we would play football at Castro Valley High School. Glenn's father was a coach and my father was a Navy chaplain at the Alameda Naval Base. Dad was serving on the USS HANCOCK, which soon cruised the coast of Vietnam.

Well, Glenn was small and short for football. But what a dynamic player he was. He could play quarterback like Ken Stabler. He and his father would come up with the most inventive plays, like hiking the ball between the quarterback's legs to the running back behind him. It was very difficult to ever know where the ball was going. What fun we had. It was great for us as young kids to play every week with our fathers. The games with Glenn were one of the highlights of my life. I will never forget them.

Nor will I forget his nasal but sweet tenor voice in church choir. He was a lot of fun to know and be with. I learned of his death when I was at Fort Bragg. A friend told me that they were evacuating some injured troops from a difficult position. Small arms and mortar fire was taking its toll on a unit that was ambushed on the ground.

They had gotten off the ground safely, but one of their friend's choppers was hit and crashed behind them. When Glenn looked back, they could see that their friends had survived the crash but were trapped. Glenn and his flight team decided to go back to save them. A noble and heroic effort.

That was always Glenn. David against Goliath. I have missed him for many years. But I still hear him singing and I bet he's throwing a few touchdowns in heaven right now, just as he did when I last saw him.

God bless,
Ayers Baxter

01 Sep 2006

Time passes quickly when it is gone
And life can not repay what time has loan
Only our memories while they still exist
Remind us of what importance we missed
When we were still young and beautiful
When life's song was still to be sung
And dreams of the future were replaced
By dreams of past bells we've rung

But what does it mean to be young or old
While we still live out the rest of our years?
What do we bless in each one of our tears?
The ones who paid a price so we can play
And live out the rest of our lives each day?
Like mother and father and family and friends
Like sister and brother and pets to the ends
The memories we've earned through the years...

For this I am thankful
For this I must sing
God Bless you, God keep you
Your Minds only amends...
God bless you and keep you in love...
Ayers Baxter
Copyright 2006

From a friend,
Ayers Baxter

A Note from The Virtual Wall

The MACV Summary for Feb 1968 contains the following entries:
07 Feb - II FFV. (Dinh Tuong Prov) - 3 kilometers northwest of My Tho, 9th Inf Div elements made contact with an unknown size enemy force. Supported by arty and helicopter gunships, ground units exchanged small arms and automatic weapons fire. 2 kilometers away another company made contact with an estimated enemy company at the same time. Reinforcements sent in at 1400H. USAF tactical air and Army helicopter gunships directed fire onto enemy positions. Both engagements terminated 1700H. 52 enemy killed; 8 US killed and 29 WIA (medevac) and 6 light WIA treated and returned to duty.

08 Feb - II FFV. (Dinh Tuong Prov) - 3 kilometers northwest of My Tho, elements of 9th Inf Div made contact with estimated 3 enemy companies. Heavy contact reported. Helicopter gunships and tactical air supported [the ground forces]. Contact terminated at 1945H. 86 enemy killed; 8 US killed and 20 wounded.

Fifteen of the sixteen US dead can be identified:
  • Aircrew, UH-1D #66-01128, 135th AHC
    • CPT Robert D. Fleer, Fullerton, CA
    • WO Glenn D. Moore, Castro Valley, CA
    • SP4 Richard F. Cavanaugh, Portland, OR
    • PFC Robert A. Labuda, Gary, IN

  • C Co, 69th Eng Bn
    • SP4 James H. Milich, Cornwall On Hudson, NY
    • PFC Claude E. North, Muncie, IN

  • 2nd Bn, 39th Infantry
    • SP5 William H. Smith, New York, NY, HQ Company
    • SP4 Donnie R. McCormick, Morrison, TN, B Company
    • CPL Albert D. White, Atlanta, GA, C Company
    • PFC Kirk E. Houle, Peoria, IL, HQ Company

  • B Co, 3rd Bn, 39th Infantry
    • SP4 James T. Chambers, Georgetown, TX, B Company

  • 5th Bn, 60th Infantry
    • SP4 Allen L. Mummert, Lanark, IL, HQ Company
    • PFC Donald R. Bowman, Lawrence, KS, HQ Company
    • PFC Steve N. Lambert, Phoenix, AZ, B Company
    • PFC Robert L. York, Maple Shade, NJ, B Company
The 16th American might be 1LT Richard J. Glenn of Florence, Alabama, assigned to MACV's Advisory Team 87. He is the only other known US casualty in Dinh Tuong Province on 07-08 February 1968.

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