Scott Ferris Moore, Jr

Aviation Maintenance Administrationman 3rd Class
United States Navy
28 April 1949 - 20 February 1970
Mesquite, Texas
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Scott Moore

National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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12 Mar 2001

I miss visiting with you about your plans to ride a new Honda and to take that train ride across Texas with you. You should never have left your office at Atsugi. You got the raw deal. I still carry the Stars and Stripes article that tells of the Helo Crash that you couldn't get out of.

Love Always
Ron Milam USN
701 Rollins St., Missoula, Montana 59801

22 Feb 2002

When I think of you I think of how full of life you were, how you looked to the future, how pleasant you were to be around.

When I picked you and the other guys up that day you were as excited as a kid at Christmas or a birthday party. Scotty, this was a party you should have skipped.

During the many, many times I have relived that day I always ask myself was there anything that might have been done differently. After 32 years and two days I have no answers.

Scotty, you were a good friend and shipmate. I miss you. God bless you.

Your friend,
Don Hendon

25 Feb 2002

Scotty, I just recently found out about your memorial page and wanted to say a few words.

First, I've always been told "only the good die young" and I know in your case that was so very true. After your crash everyone wondered why you came South but I've always felt you wanted to come down to see for yourself what being on Detachment was all about instead of just being up North watching us come and go.

I think of your family and how much they loved you and wanted you to come home and the pain and sorrow they suffered when they found out about the accident. You've missed out on so very much, getting married, raising children and proudly showing them off to their grandparents, but I know you are in heaven and are watching over your family even as I write this.

Scotty, I'm sorry you had to leave us but now all your friends will be able to say a few words from their heart. Bless you, Scotty.

From another HC-7 Sea Devil,
John Birch
Chief Petty Officer, US Navy (Ret)
4585 Bill Knight, Millington Tn. 38053

04 Mar 2002


Photograph provided by his sisters,
Cheri Moore

Betty Moore Willmon
10 Nov 2002

Your untimely and ill-fated death has bothered me, and I'm sure many others, for 32 years. I could never understand why you so wanted to be a part of all the "inconveniences" of life down south.

You and I were born in the same month, in the same year and that causes me to think about the things you have missed and the contributions you could have made to your friends and family with your continued presence in their lives. You are missed and thought of.

From a friend and shipmate
Patrick A. Taddeo ADJ3 DET 110

13 Nov 2004

I was searching the net and came across this page.
Although I am too young to know this person I wanted to say "Thank you" to his sisters and friends for honoring him in such a way.

I know he would be proud.

From a shipmate,
AZ3 Anderson
Patrol Squadron 47 (VP-47)
E-mail address is not available.

28 Jan 2005


I have thought of you often over the years. I always cherished you as a friend growing up in Mesquite. I wanted to say this many times to Cheri and Betty but never have. I looked to Scotty as a hero. He went willingly to defend our Country in the worst of times. I thank God for men and women who lay their lives down for us on foriegn soil. Scotty will never be forgotten. He lives in the memories and lives of countless people today. God bless.

From a friend,
Earl Gregory

16 Mar 2005


I have thought of you often throughout the years, especially the past fifteen years. You made my life much easier when I came to Atsugi. You showed me around, taught me the ropes and I have never forgotten. You also shared with me your desire to go out to Det. 110 in the Tonkin Gulf to see what it was like. I encouraged you to do so through the proper channels. Little did I know at the time that I would be there to greet you, nor did I know that you would be flying out on the helicopter that I had performed the preflight inspection on.

I have performed that preflight inspection many times over the years and I have had a lot of folks tell me to �get over it� but it does not seem to be that easy. The one comforting thought that I have is that I know you are in heaven.

I have to mirror some of the thoughts written by the others. You did miss out on so much. I know your family suffered a great deal. I do wish that the helicopter had not gone down that day and I wish that I had not been on the flight deck to watch it sink, but I did and those visions are as clear today as the day they happened.

I will always keep your memory alive and in my heart. You are a good man Scotty Moore and I miss you.

From a shipmate,
AD1 Dennis W Ziniel
Mandan, ND 58554

1 May 2005


Over the years I have often thought of you and the talks we used to have. The times you did escort duty when my family came to the squadron for some function or another. I enjoyed working with you as you always seemed to be so up-beat. When you were lost I felt I had lost a friend. I know where you are and I hope someday to see you there.

You will always be a cherished memory.

From a shipmate,
Carl G Nelson

30 Nov 2006


I never met you, but I know you. I was an AZ with HC-7, 68-69. I made several trips out to Det 110. I discovered you on our web site about a year ago. You are my brother, because we are Seadevils, and because we walked in the same shoes out there.

I cannot adequately describe the emotions that come over me when I read our brother's tributes to you, but, suffice it to say, I think about you every day.

Rest in Peace, my Brother.

Mike Haines, AZ2
301 Harvard Avenue, Coalinga, Ca. 93210

17 Aug 2007

Scott, I did not find out about you til I was visting the Memorial at Fair Park.

I was on the USS DUBUQUE somewhere in the South China Sea at the time of your death. I try to get to Fair Park to visit. I remember the day in the band hall seeing Mr. Poke's face turning all those shades of red. Just thought I should let people know that you were a stand up guy.

You are missed.
From a high school friend,
Jerral Burrus MM3

20 Jan 2008

Dennis Z.: NEVER feel bad about the crash you preflighted. You and I never shorted the look and feel of our Big Mother's inspections or any of our H-2,3, or H-46 operations AND WE WERE THERE ON THE DECK THAT DAY TOGETHER.

Scotty was our star in Atsugi Admin. Probably kept me out of meeting the XO and Captain at least once... with "Rice", Ted, and Frenchy on our return trip issues from DET 110. Delays at Cubi and Clark AFB were not always predictable. Subic City was, though.:]

We lived there together and as nearby neighbors in later years. Thank you for your help then.

Chris "Noodle", "Rip 'N Root", Nielsen IV, ADJ2, USN
aka LCDR, SC, USN (Retired)
Punta Gorda, Florida 33950

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HC-7 was the Navy's only dedicated combat search-and-rescue helicopter squadron throughout the war. Although based ashore at Naval Air Station Atsugi, Japan, HC-7 provided detachments aboard ships deployed in the South China Sea and Gulf of Tonkin areas. Petty Officer 3rd Class Scott Ferris Moore, Jr., died in the crash of an SH-3A Sea King helicopter (BuNo 149908) offshore South Vietnam. His body was not recovered.

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