Daniel Hagan Moran, Jr

Lieutenant (junior grade)
United States Navy
19 December 1941 - 15 January 1967
Chicago, Illinois
Panel 14E Line 036

Naval Aviator

Purple Heart, Air Medal, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign
David H. Moran

The database page for Daniel Hagan Moran, Jr

19 Jan 2002

You Are Not Forgotten

Pilots and Plane Captains share a unique bond in Naval Aviation. I can't recall who the Plane Captain was for your last launch but I know the routine you both followed. The preflight, climbing the boarding ladder and helping you strap in and the conversations in the quiet time on top of the ladder waiting for the "start jets" command from the Air Boss. Usually it was about the mission but no matter what it always ended with "Have a good hop, Sir"

Later, behind the island with a chainbag and boarding ladder ready, that Plane Captain is waiting. We had heard... but he's still there waiting, just in case they were wrong. We missed you that day and now, 35 years later, we still miss you.

Your friend and shipmate,
John Mudgett ADCS(AW) Ret
1665 Cassell St. Virginia Beach, Va 23454-5651

7 Aug 2004

Mr. Moran, you will always be remembered as long as a VA-23 sailor is alive. I salute you for paying the ultimate price for my freedom. I remember the last time we spoke. I had a shadowbox frame made for my metals and I had a picture of A/C 346 Buno 151168 in the center. The aircraft was about to depart on a sortie.

John Champlin (Champ) AZ2

26 Apr 2005

The U.S. Naval Academy Class of 1963 honors Daniel Moran and the other twelve fallen classmates on the Wall at its website. Please visit "Last Call".

From a friend and classmate at USNA,
Stephen Coester
USNA63 Webmaster

A Note from The Virtual Wall

LTJG Moran's A-4E (BuNo 151168) was hit by antiaircraft fire while he was participating in a strike on the Qui Vinh railroad yard about 10 miles southwest of Van Yen. Although the Skyhawk had a large hole in the starboard nose under the cockpit it remained flyable - and LTJG Moran took it out to sea. Escorting aircrewmen saw him move in the cockpit, but Moran was flying erratically and did not respond to radio or hand signals. Moran took his aircraft to the North SAR destroyer and ejected close alongside, but he was dead when a boat crew from the destroyer pulled him from the water.

LTJG Daniel Moran was CORAL SEA's last loss on her 66/67 cruise - the 16th combat loss and the 19th overall.

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