Larry Kane Morrow
Army of the United States
Lowell, North Carolina
June 13, 1951 to October 31, 1973
(Incident Date May 29, 1972)
LARRY K MORROW is on the Wall at Panel W1, Line 33

Larry K Morrow
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31 Aug 2001

Larry was my first cousin, but we were more like brothers. I still miss him and think about him every day.

I love you, PeaDab.

Ken Hunsucker

11 Sep 2006

I wear an MIA bracelet for Larry Kane Morrow
and will not remove it until he comes home.

Edward Dean Morrow
Gridley, Ca


Note from The Virtual Wall

On 29 May 1972, two men of H Troop, 17th Cavalry were lost when their OH-6A LOACH (hull number 66-17771) was shot down:
  • WO1 Gerald Douglas Spradlin, pilot
  • SGT Larry Kane Morrow, gunner
The two were on a a visual reconnaissance mission near Kontum in South Vietnam. During the mission, Spradlin's helicopter came under hostile fire, disappeared over a ridge line, crashed, and burned. The Command and Control helicopter observed the OH-6A just prior to impact, and shortly after impact descended to the crash site and atempted to locate survivors. Heavy enemy fire forced the C&C helicopter to leave the area, which was in open ground with enemy activity. No survivor movement was noted around the wreckage.

On 30 June 30, 1972, an ARVN platoon and US personnel were inserted into the area. A 100 meter area was searched around the crash site. Spradlin's remains were recovered as was a flight helmet belonging to SGT Morrow. The crash site area was later struck by a B-52 ARC LIGHT mission. Although it has been investigated in recent years, the crash site has failed to produce any evidence of SGT Morrow's fate.

Some sites, for example the biography page on the POW Network, give SGT Morrow's unit as "H Troop, 17th Armored Cavalry Squadron". The 17th Armored Cavalry Squadron was an ARVN unit. Elements of the U.S. 17th Cavalry Regiment served in Vietnam at both the Squadron and separate Troop levels. H Troop, 17th Cavalry, actually served in Vietnam twice, first as the 198th Infantry Brigade's ground recon unit (10/1967-10/1971) and later was reactivated as an Air Cavalry troop with the 17th Aviation Group (04/72-02/73). SGT Morrow was assigned to H Troop (Air Cavalry), 17th Cavalry Regiment.

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