William Joshua Moses
Lance Corporal
United States Marine Corps
Charlotte, North Carolina
August 16, 1948 to May 29, 1968
WILLIAM J MOSES is on the Wall at Panel W63, Line 9

Combat Action Ribbon
William J Moses
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3 Jun 2003

I would like to start this by saying that Billy was one of the best friends that anyone could ever have.

He was more than a friend to me. He was just like my brother. We worked together, went to school together, and enjoyed life together. Billy would give you the shirt off his back if you were to ask for it. I can say one thing about Billy, and that was all he talked about was joining the Marines. He always wanted to be the best Marine that had ever been. When the Vietnam war started to heat up, Billy quit school to go into service. I stayed in school and finshed up and then I went into service. I wanted to try and go where Billy was at, but that wasn't to be. Billy got his orders to go to Vietnam and I put in to go. Well he was there a little while before I got there and we were supposed to meet up in Saigon before he shipped out home. Billy was killed in action on Wednesday, May 29 1968. He was going home on July 30th 1968. I guess God wanted him to come home to be with him.

This world has lost a great person and a great friend. I still miss him even today but I still have his memories. I hope when I get to heaven that Billy is the first person I meet at the main gate.

William B. Pope Sr.
3837 Sofley Rd. Charlotte N. C. 28206


A Note from The Virtual Wall

The 1st Bn, 5th Marines' Command Chronology for May 1968 contains the following entry:
"290615H [6:15 am 29 May 1968] - Company C squad at YD954052 observed large group of enemy at YD945052. Fired artillery mission and enemy broke contact. Gunships and aerial observer requested. Two (2) tanks dispatched with Company D in an attempt to close with the enemy. Estimated NVA company encountered in grid square YD9506. Additional troops committed, friendly disposition as follows: 2nd Plt, Company D YD936058, 1st Plt Company C YD955055, 1st Plt Company D with tanks YD953055, CAP 3-2-8 YD958062, 3rd Plt Company D YD955064, and 13th ARVN Railroad Security Plt at YD960055. One squad Company C set up blocking position at YD954052. Enemy center of mass YD961062. Fixed wing and artillery used against enemy position. At 1500H [3:00 pm] 3rd Plt Company B and 3rd Plt Company D conducted attack to southeast against moderate to heavy resistance. Moderate contact continued to dusk. Condition of battle area indicates a detailed search to determine the full damage sustained by the enemy. Search will be conducted by Company D during the next few days until completed. Cumulative Results: 5 USMC KIA; 9 USMC WIAE, 55 NVA KIA; 9 NVA POW/Detainees..."
There actually were six Marines who died as a result of the engagement - four from Delta 1/5 and two from CAP 3-2-8:
  • Delta 1/5 5th Marines:
    • Cpl James C. Jewell, Columbus, OH
    • LCpl Frederick F. Ray, Philadelphia, PA
    • Pfc Robert J. Anderson, Dunedin, FL
    • Pfc Kenneth N. Blair, Louisville, KY

  • CAP 3-2-8:
    • LCpl Gary A. Husted, Flint, MI
    • LCpl William J. Moses, Charlotte, NC

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