Harold Eugene Mullins

Chief Master Sergeant
United States Air Force
26 February 1930 - 28 May 1974
Denver, Colorado
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USAF Aircrew

Purple Heart, Air Medal, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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25 Apr 2003

I still wear CMSgt Mullins's bracelet.
It never comes off.
You mean more than just a name.
I would love it if CMSgt Mullins' family contacted me.
I want to know who he really is.
I've been raised in an Air Force family and I wear your bracelet proudly and pray that no more families will have to endure the pain yours has.

Harold, I never met you but you are not forgotten.

Melanie Pugh

17 Oct 2004

During my teenage years I was a pen pal with CMSgt Mullin's daughter. I wore his bracelet proudly and said a prayer for him and his family every night. I have my battered bracelet stored in a memory box, held together in the middle with white surgical tape. I purchased several over those years, as they would separate in the middle and fall apart. I would welcome any communication from the family of Harold Mullins. What I have learned here on this website has inspired a need to reach out to my long-lost pen pal. I want her to know that I never forgot about her.

Jackie Curry

17 Jan 2005

I would like to welcome CMS Mullins home. I have worn his bracelet for about twenty years. The men of the 12th TFW pass along their greeting of "Welcome Home". I hope that CMS Mullins' family has found comfort in knowing he has been brought home.

John Burt

A Note from The Virtual Wall

The 4th Air Commando Squadron, based at Nha Trang, SVN, maintained a detachment at Ubon RTAFB, Thailand, in order to allow operations along the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Laos. On 3 June 1966 one of the Ubon gunships, AC-47 tail number 43-48925, departed on a night armed reconnaissance mission along the Trail. It was crewed by
  • Capt Theodore E. Kryszak, pilot;
  • 1st Lt Russell D. Martin, co-pilot;
  • Lt Col Harding E. Smith, navigator;
  • TSgt Harold E. Mullins, flight engineer;
  • TSgt Luther L. Rose, aerial gunner; and
  • SSgt. Ervin Warren, loadmaster/gunner.
At about 9:25 PM the AC-47 was operating under FAC control along Route 912 some 20 miles southwest of the Ban Karai Pass, a major entry point from NVN into Laos. About 10 miles east of the town of Ban Pha Philang, as the gunship was firing on an target, it burst into flames. The AC-47 pilot ordered his crew to bail out from the aircraft, a radio call heard by the controlling FAC.

Shortly after the bail-out call, the FAC pilot saw the AC-47 roll into a steep descent and crash. The FAC reported he saw no ground fire directed at the AC-47, saw no parachutes, and heard no emergency radio beepers. Although search and rescue forces located the wreckage, there was no sign of the aircrew and no possibility of a ground search. The six men were classed as Missing in Action.

On 28 March 1974, CMSgt Mullins' status was changed from "Missing in Action" to "Died while Missing", a presumptive finding of death.

- Update -

The remains of the six crewmen, including LtCol Martin and CMSgt Mullins, were repatriated on 20 June 1995, with positive identifications announced on 28 Apr 2003. The remains of the six men were buried together in Section 60, Arlington National Cemetery, on Friday, 05 Nov 2004.

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