Wayne Stephen Murphy

Army of the United States
11 June 1951 - 25 June 1971
Dallas, Oregon
Panel 03W Line 089


Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign
Wayne Murphy, standing.

Wayne S Murphy
"Hey Murph - You're serious for a change -
I'm still laying around! Miss ya, ole young friend!"

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03 Jan 2002

It's taken me a long time to find you, young friend .. you know how we were, always with nicknames, never knowing real names, and always promising to "keep in touch" once we got back to the world. I went to The Wall in Washington many years ago and was so moved I couldn't even remember your name [but you taught me another lesson - Murf -] never go there without a note or name written down - I've told others the lesson- it helped. I was looking at your old picture and managed to see your name on your shirt - it lead me back to the time, to the place, to the wall, to you. Funny, I got the album out to show a Vietnamese cashier her old town of Hue [she was only 1 or 2 years old when you died], I wonder if we knew her folks?! Anyway Murf - I'm sitting in an anger group at the Vet Center & having some individual sessions to, ya see I came home and became an alcoholic at age 31 - got sober - now I'm almost 52 with 20 years of continued sober AA life! I'm grateful for my life and I sure miss you and especially who we were then - it seemed simple, easy, fun, and young -- oh so very young - without a care in the world except maybe were to find that "Sally J" - we did our best - we did our all - and you'll never grow old - young friend, I sometimes wonder which one of us got the better deal. The other lesson I'm learning - there's no big deals! And for all who know you, love you, and remember you - feel free to give "ole Foggy" a line or a call (952)476-4910 or email fogelsongers@prodigy.net -- oh yeah, Murph - we got computers too - don't worry I still listen to the old tunes on that old reel to reel! Until next time ... stay cool!


A memorial from a comrade-in-arms,
Berkley G. Fogelsonger (Foggy)

08 Apr 2006

Some things Change,
Others Don't!!!

Hey Murph, just getting older/younger day by day - 56 with 25 years of soberity....

Working full time at the VA and lovin' it... helping old soldiers as well as new ones... quite a brotherhood we got... I finally came home.

Miss ya, bud... but see ya everyday. Thanks for the lessons.

Peace & Love,

From a comrade-in-arms,
Berkley G. Fogelsonger

A Note from The Virtual Wall

B Battery, 1/39th Artillery, lost two men on 25 June 1971 - SP4 Michael J. Whitaker of Los Angeles, California, and PVT Wayne S. Murphy.

It appears Private Murphy had been assigned to the 1st Battalion, 83rd Artillery, until that unit was withdrawn on 07 June 1971. Since PVT Murphy still had three months remaining on his tour he went to another M110 unit, Bravo 1/39.

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