Tracy Henry Murrey
First Lieutenant
Army of the United States
Miles City, Montana
October 30, 1942 to November 20, 1967
TRACY H MURREY is on the Wall at Panel 30E, Line 46

Tracy H Murrey
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9 Jan 2002

Tracy Henry Murrey was killed during a massive attempt on Hill 875 near Dak To in November of 1967. I am not related to him, but found his name while doing some genealogical research. I think he deserves a memorial here. 123 men lost their lives during this intense 3 day firefight. God rest their souls, may they have finally found peace.

"A Chosen Few, The Herd"

by PFC A.M.Eyster, Co B 1/503rd, 173rd Abn

Only a chosen few of my generation could
Understand why the skeleton in my closet
Rattles in my deepest sleep.
Who are you to judge us, for you have not
Followed our trail, walked the point at night
Or heard the fire, Hell and screams of a single
Night. For we are the chosen few of "The Herd"
Who have touched the gates of Hell, seen the shadow
Of death and at times, are damned for surviving...

A memorial initiated by one who remembers,
Brian Murrey

01 Nov 2003

Tracy H. Murrey is buried at the Sacred Heart cemetery one mile north east of Wilton, North Dakota. While his sister still resides in Montana, a number of his extended family are located here in the Wilton area. Anyone who knew Tracy and would like to share any stories or information is always welcome. If you would like to share them by email, please send them to . Thank you.

From a cousin,
Mark Murrey and family
24601 Highway 83, Wilton, ND 58503


A Note from The Virtual Wall

As noted above, First Lieutenant Tracy Murrey died in the bitter fighting for Hill 875. Two Medals of Honor, three Distinguished Service Crosses, and numerous Silver and Bronze Stars were awarded the men who fought there between 19 and 23 November 1967 - but at least 127 Americans died there as well, with hundreds more wounded.

A summary of the battle and a listing of the men killed
during the fighting may be found on The Virtual Wall's
Hill 875 Memorial

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