David Frank Nidever
Army of the United States
Fresno, California
April 25, 1935 to March 30, 1971
DAVID F NIDEVER is on the Wall at Panel W4, Line 94

David F Nidever
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14 Jun 2007

Dave went to Jackson Grade School and Roosevelt High School in Fresno, California. He followed his brother Ed to the U.S. Military Academy (West Point) where he was graduated with the Class of 1958. Following graduation he went into the Army Artillery. He was a practicing Baptist in his elder life.

As a major, Dave was serving as the Operations Officer for an Artillery Battalion in Vietnam. He was on a mission in the last two weeks of the conflict (March 30th, 1970) when another helicopter in his group went down into a rice paddy. His helicopter landed to help rescue those in the downed chopper. As he ran toward the other chopper it tipped down with its blades still turning and decapitated him.

Dave was posthumously awarded the Silver Star for his efforts. He was buried in the Presidio National Cemetery in San Francisco, California with his relatives attending.

From his brother,
Edward W. Nidever


A Note from The Virtual Wall

Records from the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots' Association indicate that Major David Nidever was killed in a landing accident at Fire Support Base SARGE about 2 kilometers south-southeast of Ca Lu, Quang Tri Province.

He had departed Fire Base VANDERGRIFT in OH-6A 67-16433, a light helicopter that carried only a pilot, a gunner, and Major Nidever. On arrival at FSB SARGE the pilot determined his approach was not satisfactory and went around to try again. He was fast on the second approach, tried to salvage it, and lost control of the aircraft, which impacted on its side on a slope hear the helipad. The crew chief and Major Nidever extracted themselves from the helo, but Nidever went back to get the pilot out. As Nidever attempted to free the pilot the aircraft shifted position, trapping him below the wreckage and inflicting fatal injuries. The pilot and crewchief survived the incident.

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