Gary Edwin Noles

Private First Class
United States Marine Corps
27 July 1949 - 19 September 1968
East Wahneta, Florida
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Gary E Noles

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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05 Mar 2002


To be "Always Faithful" is both the least that we owe
and an exact description of what we owe
to these men.

Killed in action during
09-15-68 TO 09-22-68

Dennis Grayson

13 Nov 2006

My cousin whom I love. He will always live in us forever. Love You.

Becki Noles McClure

13 Nov 2006

No one prays for peace more then the soldier. May you rest in peace knowing you gave the ultimate gift, your life for your fellow countrymen.

Your cousin,
David Noles
1/75th Ranger Battalion
1979 thru 1985

A Note from The Virtual Wall

At first light on 15 Sep 1968 two companies from the 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines were inserted into the "Dodge City" sector of Go Noi Island, where the 3rd Bn, 7th Marines and the 51st ARVN Regiment were heavily engaged with North Vietnamese troops from the 308th NVA Division. Between 15 and 18 Sep the two battalions conducted sweep operations and acted as a blocking force for the ARVN regiment to the northwest. On 18 Sep the 3/7 Marines were temporarily withdrawn and 2/7's other elements were brought in.

Early on 19 Sep Fox 2/7 was heavily engaged at La Hoa hamlet north of the Thu Bon River. The engagement turned into an all-day affair as the battalion rooted out NVA elements from the southern edge of the heavily fortified hamlet. At nightfall the 2/7 Marines withdrew slightly to allow employment of air and artillery strikes preparatory to renewing the attack at daybreak on the 20th.

The attack on 20 Sep was from the eastern side of the hamlet and predominantly involved Echo and Hotel 2/7. By early afternoon Echo and Hotel had forced the NVA to withdraw westwards from a tree line flanking the hamlet, 3/7 had been lifted in to form a blocking force, and the ARVN push from the northwest was pressing the NVA eastward toward the two Marine positions. At about 1600 the NVA began breaking up, with groups of 30 to 50 soldiers sighted fleeing from the fighting toward forested areas.

On the morning of 21 Sep the 2/7 Marines moved into the fortified area around La Hoa. They found the 36th NVA Regimental and 44th VC Group headquarters complex, which had been hastily abandoned the during the night of 20/21 Sep. The complex, which was composed of multi-level underground rooms as well as surface bunkers, trenches, and fighting positions, contained arms, munitions and other supplies, and a wealth of documents. The latter included orders directing the 36th NVA Regiment to engage and destroy the smaller 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines. While the NVA commander had succeeded in engaging the Marines, he had not destroyed them; rather, the reverse was true.

The two actions at La Hoa cost the 2/7 Marines 23 men killed and 113 wounded. The NVA, normally meticulous about removing their dead from the battle field, left 71 bodies and 25 POWs behind as they withdrew from the La Hoa complex.

The Marines killed at La Hoa were

  • E Company, 19 Sep:
    • Cpl Joseph P. Lopez, Denver, CO (Silver Star)

  • F Company, 19 Sep:
  • H&S Company, 19 Sep:
    • Sgt Raymond T. Conway, Miami, FL

  • G Company, 20 Sep:
    • Sgt Edward C. Jones, East Chicago, IN
    • Cpl James E. Walker, New Orleans, LA
    • LCpl Larry D. Doss, Nashville, TN (Silver Star)
    • Pfc Ronald W. Lewis, Washington, DC
    • Pfc Harold E. Owens, Mayport, FL

  • H Company, 20 Sep:
    • Cpl William R. Kause, Pittston, PA
    • LCpl Prinis W. Orso, New Orleans, LA

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