Ronnie Lee Noseff
Army of the United States
Hobbs, New Mexico
July 30, 1947 to September 25, 1966
(Incident Date September 21, 1966)
RONNIE L NOSEFF is on the Wall at Panel 11E, Line 16

Ronnie L Noseff
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20 Nov 2004

Ronnie was everyone's best friend. We had a unique neighborhood where we were all like brothers and sisters. Ronnie was good to all the little neighborhood children, often playing games with them and all his younger siblings.

Most of all Ronnie was very generous. He often gave the neighbor hood kids a ride to school so we didn't have to ride the bus, often buying those of us short on cash a Coke at the local 50's-style soda shop in the neighborhood.

Ronnie was always smiling and spreading cheer. He loved his parents and siblings very much. And Ronnie loved his friends.

Ronnie was very optimistic about returning home from the war. He wrote letters back home never complaining, or showing fear, he always seemed eager for his next mission.

Ronnie is a hero, and he is very much loved by all who knew him, and very much missed. All of us kids from the old neighborhood are now grandparents, we get together from time to time, but there is a big void in our lives, Ronnie is not there to share our love, but he will forever in our hearts. We love and miss you, Ronnie.

Ronnie, I've posted one of these before but somehow it disappears after a while, I hope this time it remains for all to see. We miss you, Ronnie!

22 Nov 2004

I just happened to see Ronnie's name.
I had no idea he had been killed.
My deepest condolences to his family.

Five days before his death in which apparently I was not there he had heroically retrieved a fallen comrade, Sgt. Charles Blanco, who died from sniper fire. I recall the Company Commander, Capt. Silvasi, was going to nominate him for a Bronze Star. It appears the Captain didn't get a chance to do it - he should have.

The Captain is now General Silvasi commanding a division in Hawaii as of 3 years ago when I corresponded with him on a matter. Someone should try and get that award through only because Ronnie deserved it and earned it.

Again my condolences.
Sgt. Tom

From a friend,
Thomas Hughes


A Note from The Virtual Wall

Sergeant Charles J. Blanco, a veteran of both the Marine Corps and the Army, was killed in action on 20 Sep 1966.

Since there is no central database for awards, The Virtual Wall cannot say if Cpl Noseff did or did not receive a decoration for his efforts on behalf of Sergeant Blanco. The awards displayed are those we know he received; there may well be others we cannot know about.

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