Steven James Olcott

Specialist Four
Army of the United States
11 January 1952 - 27 January 1971
St Paul, Minnesota
Panel 05W Line 066



National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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27 Jul 2003

Even though I wasn't your best friend, I was your friend and still remember you. Your death has impacted my life tremendously and I try to make sense of it all. In some ways, I have tried to live the life you cannot. Those admirable parts of you, I have tried to incorporate into myself.

If I had one wish, it would be that your son would've had the opportunity to meet and know you. He's a fine young man of whom you'd be proud. He's the spitting image of you too! Freddy has talked to him about you and the man you were and we hope that somehow your legacy will be passed onto him.

To this day I thought your funeral was an Olly practical joke. I kept waiting for you to sit up and laugh your butt off at us all. Alas it 'twas not.

I'll always remember you as my friend and endeaver to pass your memory on to others. Rest peacefully, Olly.

Until we meet again my friend-
Nick aka the "Hawk"

08 Nov 2006

I just wanted to add snippets from a message I received after I posted to this site previously. This is from a soldier who served with Steve (Ollie) at Nha Trang Sig just before he died.

"... on my first day Steve came out of the woodwork to welcome me, see that I got eveything I needed, and settled in ... no one had to .... Steve with his big heart and kind ways did (no one else did!), he showed me what he was made of right there and then....

"... The tales you've told me about him make me laugh ... I just can't come up with any to tell you ... when we were driving trucks in convoys together it was just small talk and what was going on around us ... in camp we saw each other daily but for short times again just small talk I remember..."

"... The thing I will never forget is when I saw him for the last time, I had not seen him for a few days and we crossed paths one morning when I was headed for breakfast and I saw him walking to me and I said to myself "What's wrong with Steven? He looks like shit". I said, "Steven, what is wrong?" He said "Charlie, I'm really sick and I don't know what's wrong."

"... he said he had been to see the medical people and they were going to fly him to Cam Ranh Bay to the hospital or something. That's the last time I saw him alive. Few days later someone tells me he had died ... I could not believe it. I asked from what, for all I knew his helicopter had been shot down going to the hospital or something."

"... I was told he had gotten some kind of sickness and would not let out any other info about it ... what kind of shit is that? I liked him from the start as I told you, good heart, all around joy ... he never had a shot at life after the army as we and many others had. What a loss."


From a childhood friend,
Nick Doten

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